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Covid and dog prices

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A mate bough a bullx from decent lines. First night out, it mullered the rabbit, swallowed it whole, then proceeded to the next county 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😂 When they fuuck off, they really do piss off 😂

I couldn’t give two shits what folk choose to sell or buy pups from. What I do care about is all of the low life c***s stealing dogs to cash in on it! 

It does make me laugh a bit. . . I get that £1000 for a terrier or lurcher pup is madness. But what are they actually worth? Sure lots get gifted, but that doesn’t mean it has no value.    I do

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Dogs are fecking dear nowadays, gone are the days when you could pick up what you wanted for a couple of hundred quid lol

My first terrier was £15 first lurcher, doing dog, £50 back in the day, everything costs now.

Cheers, D.


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Another knock on from first lockdown lads .People couldn’t go on holiday so some decided to buy a puppy instead 

Facebook was full of lockdown puppies  .Prices went up to meet demand and havnt shifted since .Local chap selling working cocker pups at £2500 and all gone ,labs fetching £3000 and springers £2000.

Mental prices that will only go up the longer holidays are on hold .

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13 minutes ago, Balaur said:

Well if its a monetary exercise you sell at market value, if you're after working homes I'd say with current prices odds are in your favour, as plenty won't be able to source affordable pups, forums such as this with vouched for members and the network outside of it , I'd imagine it's a good time to home a well bred litter....

What I’m saying is if you stuck them pups on for £200 then every peddler will be falling over themselves to call you. As for vouched for members - I’ve seen plenty of folk on here vouching for men and dogs they’ve never actually met, or met once or twice. 

Im not defending those breeding with money in mind. But it’s a tricky thing to get right! Not everyone has a big enough circle to home pups work folk you genuinely know.

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Few years ago I'd complain paying more than 150 for a lurcher pup but with prices of everything gone up tearing a litter of pups isn't as cheap as it used to be 300 for a lurcher pup seems to be the going rate atm and tbh it's a fair price imo. 

I used to get my raw food for 25p a lb now its around the £1 a lb atm and I cannot find it much cheaper. 

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