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  1. Think some have a real dislike for f1s coz they won’t ever make show dogs
  2. We could only dream of having the best of 2 we only had the worst of one if we were lucky
  3. A half cross would be far better but replace the collie half with bedlington instead
  4. Why’ve be silly and feck about with them just kill the b*****ds ffs
  5. Remember it well arils is killer now and always
  6. Don’t be silly Nl it’s not my dog
  7. This little tyke will crash through the thickest of cover gets ripped up at times but it never deters her , I started out with whippetys always been a fan of them ,great little dogs
  8. Exactly snapdog I’ve been searching around for a good whippet stud after the one I was gona use sadly had his life cut short , but trough who you know lines the right one has come up and no silly over priced stud fee either they takeing a pup in return that’s the way it always used to be ,
  9. Hi nice photos ,did you do a video with mikey Cookson ?
  10. Apparently they only breed to order now and it’s his daughter that runs the show David unwell so I’m told
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