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  1. I got a larsen in mine lost count how many maggies iv had seems no end to them , but its working as the finches i got coming on the bird feeders av trebled even had a pair of blackcaps this year
  2. Well done looks like you.lads av ad a great time , if you got to many up there send us a few down south or revoke a few fa certs for us
  3. It also cheaper to feed a small un than a big un ? So i was told by a well crafty old fecker many moons ago old he may av been but was very v wise and knew how to fill the bag , i learned a lot from him , but dont forget him in fits of laughter when telling him about lamping , what poaching with a light it was a bit like capt mannering sayin you stupid boy
  4. The only big pussys around our patch you defo wunna wana see in the day never mind after dark worse if the got no clothes on
  5. Monty eh a mate that picks. Up with me his garden goes right up to the castle lol
  6. Rabbits are getting scarce everywhere exept bucks as a mate keeps sending photos lol seems to endless supply down there , our patch is so varied alot hills in the south and flat arable in the north with lots of pasture inbetween this is where you seem to get more rabbits and where the nippy dog exelles ,the big arable fields aint so popular with rabbits just pockets im convinced rabbit numbers aint down just from diesese , iv gone full circle in dogs started with small nippy ones and me next will be the same even tho the bitch i run now aint big ,its horses for courses really as i aint getting any younger
  7. Would they have been micky cooksons ? Just been sent a dvd of them handy little dogs
  8. People seem to forget a rabbit rarely runs further than 25.yrds in the day hence sumat that in its stride in flash is handy
  9. Fred i agree i have beddys and beddy lurchers myself , my point was folk didnt travel like they do now so used what was at hand and some v were very handy little dogs at that , not forgetting a. Well bred whippet aint no slouch and put a good days work in
  10. Only one i knew did russel / whippets was owd bert gripton although he was a terrierman he also had a keen eye for a whippet , in fact my last bitch had his lads whippet in her mix
  11. Long time since i breed a litter of them , i made a fortune they went for £15 a piece , easiest terrier to enter always liked russels apart from there gob
  12. Its a fashion it will wear off when the next over priced. Breed with a silly name comes along
  13. Moonshine ? looks if there deerhound in it , hows your pup doing
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