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  1. As some clever knob decided to build our town inside the loop of the biggest river in the country we av had to learn to live with flooding but it is getting worse
  2. Started and stopped stated again then stopped been hard for us having a leg in England and Wales it’s been a barsteward even the dog has gone quackers
  3. Good bit of film TREV keep them coming
  4. Exchange n mart you old feckers I remember it well
  5. Parts of mid wales ok in some parts but dead in others seems to be the same all over , but bunnies have suvived everything chucked at them so I’m sure they will bounce back eventually
  6. No shortage down south England a mate keeps sending me photos I’m sure to wind me up
  7. Always kept bitches work wise there’s maybe no difference , it’s just personal preference I suppose , one thing a bitch does have going for it tho , is it can’t leave its bollocks on the top strand of barbed wire
  8. Thort it was around late 70s early 80s in the old shooting news and exchange n mart days but could be wrong long time ago now
  9. Anyone remember Lockharts lurchers , one for every occasion and to fit everyone’s pocket
  10. Can just imagine you dancing flamenco in your heels blacky
  11. I went to a private school it was so good it was approved
  12. What you mean blacky you sayin us beddy freaks are ruff or something ?
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