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  1. Ffs you really are something you know very well you dropped the snipe about Rambo it wasnt someone else it was me and you know it
  2. I asked you on a thread if you ever worked or owned a beddy and you said no and you not had a terrier for years and I also asked if you knew what beddy is in your stuff now and you said no , only something about some mystery f1 breeder from Manchester way ? Nutter I may be if you like but there feck all wrong with me memory it will still be on the thread somewhere anyway I not got as much time to waste so I just agree your right
  3. Jay I don’t know if Rambo in them that what poxon said to me ,all I knew they had some stuff my old f1 had in her so I went for it and like you I’ve not been dissapointed , eh and didn’t have to pay silly money either
  4. Now who is retarded how canyou breed a f1 with f1 ? Obviously you have to add something else ? And your memory is fadeing coz you told me last time I asked you never owned a bedlington terrier just f1s ? And you obviously checked out where my bitch Came from as you chuckled let’s guess it’s Rambo in the mix well could well be as there is defo mink stone in the line not that it matters to me one bit ,as a buy in dog they do the job well mine have anyway ,my is more that you keep saying a f1 ain’t up to the job , well if it’s doin 3 out 3 hares ,bringing down deer but can’t say that for sure co
  5. How do see a f1 as a good starting point if they no good ? There fecked as you have said from experience yet you have never owned a beddy or worked one ? And of course you can’t breed f1 with a f1 that’s impossible but if your just buying in there’s nowt wrong with f1 they up to most stuff and punch above there weight ,f1xf1 is the same as lurcher to lurcher and yes you can get good ones but also cloddy wastage I know I’ve done it , that’s why I’d always go lurcher x hound and vise versus ,everyone to there own , I’m only interested in filling a pot and having stuff retrieved ,if anything else
  6. Also nice to have something edible and not ready minced ?
  7. If you have had a f1 and don’t think it can do Charlie your mistaken they will ,they not my thing never really have been tbh apart from being inedible the ydont fetch much money unless you go back to the 81 winter when you could get £20 a pelt good cash then when thatcher was starveing us all ,mine ain’t just a rabbit dog never had just rabbit dog I like a opportunist but if I could take anything out the one I have it be some of the fire coz she ain’t content with just the fox [BANNED TEXT] her bloods up she kill the terrier aswell , I reguard it as a fault in this one I have ,and bet you gon
  8. It’s what suits the individual I get along just fine with them do what I want from them and they never hold a grudge there real doers
  9. A mates got one ,good with his cattle but I won’t get out motor till puts it away it will av your arse faster than any collie ?
  10. Cockerpoo gota be the ultimate bit pricey at 2 grand for a mongral tho?
  11. You missed the beddy / grey but not the bowline version ?
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