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  1. My bitch aint big 21 ats but does the. Biz ?he Make some nice pups nice pups over a grey or. Big whippet or grew ?
  2. Break mine early on everything bomb proff with ferrets its terriers where she dangerous dont l know iv ad the. Vet. Bills lol tidy looking u got anyway bud even tho iv never seen a wheaton [BANNED TEXT] ?
  3. Strong looking little thing is it a good ferreting dog ?
  4. Seem to be bits of this and that types ? Not that i know much about exmoor down south in it ?
  5. I gota a beddy bitch thats slightly undershot but has agrip like a vice it not once been a bother work wise
  6. Tidy looker and i.bet a proper doer you got mate
  7. Feel for you ray it never easy at any time it a year last week i was im ur postion with my old bitch, its hard i know but you will know when the times right ? Atb [BANNED TEXT]
  8. The. Best i got was telephone app later and thats just 4 meds ? They only see dog emergency only well that our vet dont know others are operating ? Atb
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