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  1. Yeah she's well settled in. Got her a new bed today and she's well happy. £45 quid
  2. Also forgot to say. She's a typical saluki cross. A right fizz bomb, Bruce doesn't know what's going on
  3. Sorry forgot to say, she's also chipped. Passed on from previous owners so we've had to register new numbers etc.
  4. She was on deerness kennels website with a photo. She was surrendered by a couple that was getting divorced.
  5. Following the death in our family, we needed a replacement pack member. Got to say, there's a whole load of f***ing rip off c**ts on preloved ext. A f***ing grand for a £200 dog. Absolute low moral twats, dogs aren't a comoddity!
  6. Good news. We picked up a saluki/greyhound bitch on Sunday. She's spayed, wormed, de flead and vaccinated from Deerness rescue at Durham. She's about 4 and Bruce is happy!!
  7. Thanks mate. My first choice is deerhound cross but needs and the current situation will dictate what we get. Deerness kennels round my neck of the woods is normally full to capacity, they have one, the bitch I'm going to see tomorrow. Once covid is over what's going to happen to all the rescue dogs when the new owners aren't working from home and have to put on a leader after a long day at the office.
  8. I've had deerhound crosses for 35 Yr. I know the breed and trust their traits. I just like them. Saying that I'm going to introduce Bruce to a saluki cross that's in deerness rescue at Durham tomorrow. She's a six yr old bitch. Has anyone got experience of a saluki cross.
  9. No bother mate. My boy is struggling, he won't eat and is pissed off. The prices being asked for on preloved etc are a piss take!
  10. Mature spayed deerhound cross wanted as companion to my 10yr old cookslands cross. Dogs trust demand you jump through hoops so can't be arsed. My dog was castrated at 2yr when I got him, to stop any thieves in their tracks so I can't breed anyway, which I don't want to do anyway as me and my wife wouldn't part with them. I repeat, spayed as I don't want to breed. There was some highly insulting pre conceived comments on my first post, which was quiet upsetting!!
  11. You must be a clairvoyant with your pre conception
  12. Wtf ya f***ing cheeky b*****d. I want a quiet mature bitch for my 10 Yr old deerhound cross. The first thing I would do is get it spayed ya f***ing dick.
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