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Bella she's a 5/8 3/8 who will be 12 months old next week,she's already bumped into a few odds & sods on our daily exercise wanders..she is 100% going to do what's asked of her if early indication

4th full season for this fella. Just does what he does. Been great to have him as a role model for young dog. Always keeps me happy this fella Atb Igz

Fawn dog...bull/grey x saluki/bull/grey....black bitch 1st x..

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1 hour ago, Grunter123 said:


Nice mate. How’s the sister to mine getting on. Been a slow start for mine to be honest with the weather been so warm but I’m hoping with the rain we got coming things change for the better Atb igz

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Nice to see some dogs with legs underneath them. I don’t see many bull x that really stand out, I like to see a strong but fast body, good feet, good head. Something that can run but can hit most things like a brick. A lot seem to either be greyhoundy or heavy bull type. With less of that perfect balance in between. Just my opinion. 

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22 hours ago, Igz said:

Nice mate. How’s the sister to mine getting on. Been a slow start for mine to be honest with the weather been so warm but I’m hoping with the rain we got coming things change for the better Atb igz

I kept brother to yours and it's doing very well very fast dog 

takes things very well no holding back 

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18 hours ago, Grunter123 said:

I kept brother to yours and it's doing very well very fast dog 

takes things very well no holding back 

Yep mines quick aswel mate. A bit too quick at times. Had a decent night with mine last night 

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On 06/07/2020 at 16:44, chas94 said:

few pics of my pups just gone 4 weeks old all coming on great and very forward confident  pups been looking at the price of lurcher pups on the likes of pets4 homes ect people are off there heads ,,,ended up with 7 one died at a week or so old few less would of been nice as they have nocked the bitch for 6 pics dont do them justice boy with scar on his head thats how he come out








Nice mate the pup with scar will of been off the bitch taking the bag off to rough

Seen them take toes off and scar pups like that  

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    • By Ben coles
      I’ve been directed this way as Its proving more difficult than first thought, trying to find a Bedlington x Greyhound. (F1, Bitch) I would like to add one to my kennel for working purposes and to add to the blood of my future lines. 

      if you know of any line ups or could point me in the right direction this would be much appreciated. 
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      Could anyone help me out, I'm looking to hard wire my lamp directly to my tracer battery. The cigarette lighter connections keep breaking 🤬🤬
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      Wots the difference between a 2oo quid dog an a 500 quid dog
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      Having recently acquired a pup of 10 months old a little saluki collie hound 22tts and gained her trust and got her recall spot over the last number of weeks I decided to try her lamping. The first night couldn't have been better condition wise, high wind heavy cloud cover and no moon. Having tried implement some of David Sleights techniques into her training and being unsuccessful I said what the hell and took her out on her own. Kicked two squatters (bare in mind she has never seen a rabbit) out of the grass for her but she just seemed to be unaware of the rabbit and was completely oblivious to what I wanted her to do.
      Yesterday a friend offered me to go out with his bitch to try bring her on and make something click maybe so I said I'd give it a go. I let her watch his bitch kill the first three rabbits and she keen to join in and was watching the rabbit on lamp. 4th rabbit I let her go with his bitch and she flew down to the rabbit with the dog but lost it on the turn out of pure chance his bitch turned the rabbit right into her nose and she grabbed it held for a bit dropped it and grabbed again she got a good squeal and seemed keen I was chuffed and thought one more like that and I will give her a run on her own. Up gets a rabbit in the middle of the field and on my friends bitch goes and I slip mine they turn the rabbit 4/5 times and I can see my bitch is  in and out of the race and then disaster she turns just before the other bitch and bang gets blind sided by her she lets a couple of yelps out of her and initially I think there is big trouble but she gets up and hobbles back to me with a cough or two out of her she shakes herself and gets going again. Im guessing she just got winded. I give her a half hour and she's back to herself but not as keen. The light goes on and one squats so I walk right up to her with my bitch and kick it out of the grass she sees it jogs after it and returns to me. He slips his bitch and she picks it and a big squeal goes out but my bitch has lost all interest in the game and we call it a night.
      Whats your lads opinions on it? have you seen this before? Have I ruined her as she associates lamping with that slap she got now or was she just shook having been hit? Bear in mind I know you shouldn't run two dogs on the lamp together but  I was out of options with her she's the first pup I've had not really take to it and struggle to get going. She seems fine today 

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