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  1. Trail run with this dog 30 mile a week mainly off lead. 35kg 28tts Got a lamp on order, so going to be out very soon and we are both new to it. Never even skinned a rabbit even but hes never caught one either.
  2. Seems the general consensus is that everyone likes the fox but also everyone has hunted many. I also like seeing foxes and am new to the game, so why is it they are killed so much ? are they that bad of an animal to livestock etc. I sure think watching the hunt is great but not sure how I would feel if the dog I owned killed it and I set out for that deliberately. Probably a stupid question and I'm not against anyone doing it but I've often been curious. Understand completely with rabbits as they are eaten
  3. Not sure it's a bullshit story it's well documented. Surely he would have sued for slander seeing as hes broke now. I was a fan by the way exciting fighter
  4. Just bought a clulite long ranger plr 500. I couldn't find any halogen ones so heard these are ok, sure be better than my head torch.
  5. Do you think a 575 lumens head torch would be good enough to lamp rabbits with. I use it for trail running. I was out on a run wednesday morning just getting light and the dog bolted after couple of rabbits who seen him a long way off. I was thinking to revisit in the night with this head torch. I was wondering what times best for rabbits and if my torch would be any good for them ? Dogs recall very good. I'm looking forward to the day I upload my dogs first catch on here. atb
  6. Redace


    Any pictures mate ? that would make an interesting cross
  7. I nearly got a full kerry blue but heard they can be murder with other dogs and hard as nails. Although they say that the breed has been watered down somewhat over the years and not anywhere near as feisty as they were in the past.
  8. Am I being daft or has that got a lead on it, obviously I'm green as but how does that work.
  9. I'm after my first lamp and W. Katchum told me the halogen ones are the way to go. I've had a look at the one mentioned above and a lot seems to be not in stock or sold out. The 140 75w is available... do you think this would be a good starter lamp ? Thanks
  10. Thanks for advice and I'll have a look online for one of those lamps
  11. Looking for some advice on getting a lamp. What's the best to get or starter one not to cheap either. Thinking of going out 4am I've identified some fields I'm gonna try. What's the crack with leaving a fox carcass on land is this a no no ? If so where do you dispose side of road ? I've never done it but been thinking about doing it for years an itch I've got to scratch and I may not like the killing of a fox as I'm not eating it, but I love watching him chasing one in the park early morning as I'm not deliberately on it. Would have no problem with the rabbits as they'd be eaten when I learn how to skin them. Any advice appreciated thanks
  12. I'm in the same boat as you mate. I run him in the morning and now it's dark he gives chase to anything he sees whether it be deer, squirrel or a fox. I carry on running as his recall is good and nobody is about in general. He might be shit as he doesnt seem to have caught anything got nutmegged by a squirrel and ran passed a cat that was a yard away from him, not that I'd want him to nail the cat. I had high lumen head torch on so I could see its eyes far off. I was glad cause i reckon hed go straight through it It seems to scratch his itch, however I've often wondered what it would be like on a proper hunt I've got him fit same as the whippet I had before. I'm not much of a night owl though
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