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  1. delboy_187

    Giving up the dogs

    Only reading now pete . Pm nw
  2. delboy_187

    Fury v wilder

    Lads heard whisper jason Melbourn fight rigged he ment win hurt ment take fall I wrote it first
  3. delboy_187

    Out Today

    Good crack spot ss on just back myself bitch hasn't ran in months apart from walks hand full bunnies I'm happy open up her lungs missed oul Charlie should bin had bitch was rusty as f**k . I see your putting then away
  4. delboy_187

    Any Lads Had "the Snip" ???

    Balls are in bits reading this are yous off the head lads
  5. delboy_187

    A quick hour

    Ha ha never seen lead or color till you got her pete . Which is a poxy thing how's she now
  6. delboy_187

    A quick hour

    It up to now pete told you if had room black bitch wouldn't of made it by me ... I don't evan own her and have high hopes did you keep name kink ... what height is she now
  7. delboy_187

    A quick hour

    Did you keep the name kink
  8. delboy_187

    A quick hour

    Put nice pic of black bitch
  9. delboy_187

    Rip little kyle

    He got recognition he deserved . This little dude had huge character boys . Our family is big but close all over papers .Internet .you tube. touched hearts of every one, . . Let's celebrate your smile rip little kyle finnegan Any one put link up of his funeral off YouTube kyle finnegan funeral Bugzy malone rip kyle link please
  10. delboy_187

    Rip little kyle

  11. delboy_187

    Rip little kyle

  12. delboy_187

    Rip little kyle

    Can't string words at moment would just like every one to know my little cousin passed away on Friday just 12 from asthma he broke the the heart of a nation in his short life he made a mark he was one them kids just had it super footballer and loves his ufc words can't describe this dude lads . Would just like every one if they have time to say a prayer for our soldier All his idle's done personal shout outs Jamie carragar Signed rooney picture Tyson fury Billy Joe Saunders The McGregor's signed photo and a pair of Conor's shade's Little t Bugzy malone made a tune for him on hort Michael conlon More can't think All the M T K crew A born star and best character fly high mylo
  13. delboy_187

    Unusual markings

    Blu brindle and black brindle ..nah mate never
  14. delboy_187

    Unusual markings

    More common than youd think .caught loads them blue and white ones marked like collie. i know of two black ones for this year . Friend got a full ginger one stuffed ill get pic
  15. delboy_187

    Pb pike gestimates pls

    Eastern europeans have place netted to bits .. every c**t i bump into is polish russian not f***ing irish any hows . Cnuts eating everything they catch. Bumped into a polish man bucket of roche he had all about the size of an avrrage hand . Not even a sambage ffs