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  1. Last July.. tree split in half but still living
  2. Shell matched to her own .... stronger type Russell.... I hoping for two bitche pups is all and a few fish ...cheers to the serious lads
  3. 500 hundred says shell have two hopefully bitchs.. I'll have bucket ready
  4. Lads after Christmas I'm breeding my jrt. Before I ask what kind of cross to give .firstly let me tell you about the good and bad traits. Little moo she was got as a bushing an smooching dog anyways her bushing isn't amazing she don't yap just dead silent if shes pushed something earth she'll yap an move along ...her marking is spot on. for ratting shes a lethal .if fact how head strong she is amazes me truthfully. She eat throught steal cladding .timber.perpspex.an cavity bricks she goes into such drive its actually nuts her vangs are flattened.ahe also hates other dogs .apart few in my mate
  5. Cheers anyways lads have whippet pup sorted ..... .. and might have whippet x for the said mate too cheers del
  6. Bithch I was gifted off here .same situation asked had any bodie got any litters coming up ss the gentleman sorted me right out ... 3/8ths line bred bull grey I gifted a member on here myself ... super bred bitch I'd no room otherwise she be in my kennels ..could of sold her god knows how many times but I gifted her to a lad of here because it gives me more satisfaction looking at them thriving than any amount money .... Theres another I gifted a lad still has here he on this site ..... pups i took cause i could do them a favour Money ain't everything
  7. First one spit my bagel only the broken coat .lovely speciman
  8. Well 228 pages in ..has there bin a nicest lurcher picked.. think everyone should vote theres an winner gets Something nice ... 5 euro entry fee . Alterain u should be judge / bookies
  9. Get yourself out with others before you decide... nuff poor dogs kicked to the pat because pple dont know wats instore..... then you've other clowns make shit out good dogs and blame the dog .... why not rehome an oul jukel first
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