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  1. delboy_187

    f****n choice it is

    Emoji overload
  2. delboy_187

    f****n choice it is

    No affence taken mate don't worry bout it ... sooner the better October comes
  3. delboy_187

    f****n choice it is

    When your doin your jail you'll have no trouble witha keen bit of sausage. .lol , . .on serious note I have 3 young girls 2 of which have acess to my tablet and the thl page I leave open
  4. delboy_187

    World Cup terror attack in moscow

    Nothing can see on sky news
  5. delboy_187

    Weed ;)

    Come to me I look after ye ha ha ha
  6. delboy_187

    f****n choice it is

    Tbh think that picture is fcuking stupid childish shit..
  7. delboy_187

    f****n choice it is

    I'm waiting for the fines man ten year now . Not dodging them at all bin stopped house raided etc etc but as Peter says they don't give a fcuk 1050 euro or 14 days in the joy . You don't Evan make it to the landing for fines ffs just in a holding cell for couple of ours . . Iv known some poor cnut to hand himself in thinking he be out by the end of the day only to be in for a week ha ha 3 days before he got his phone card to call his missus taught he'd done runner stop not a roll up had e
  8. delboy_187

    25yrd head shot.

    You goin cook it then
  9. delboy_187

    Shit myself

    Member the fake chocolate smokes . Keeps poping in me head
  10. delboy_187

    Shit myself

    Told you stay out them fields bad ground .probaby . wiggers is what them is ha ha .....
  11. delboy_187

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

  12. delboy_187

    HOF or hang your head in shame

    Talk about anti climax ffs . Least getting your mutt back
  13. delboy_187

    Crap couple of days

    That's bad buzz pal hope she comes right
  14. delboy_187

    HOF or hang your head in shame

    Fork the bally . Face on preferably with me teeth ha ha
  15. delboy_187

    Kennel bedding

    You'd wanna get a sheet on that bed