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  1. .. "Whip it out" .... Rubber no doubt open up your blouse pull g string down south oooohh...... Whip it out.. for short
  2. Lads looking for good working home for parson pup ... A forever home. Were someone would keep him as a moocher... He 7 months only ever brought on mooche tagging along... Both parents solid workers in different trates.... Bitch was only used mooching and father had 5 seasons digging under him..... The lad wouldnt cross shite. Unfortunate circumstances is only reason he parting with dog.....me personally told him keep it.. Dog could have bin homed many times already but deserves working home...
  3. is it true and what's the rules.... Lot happy folk that side the pond
  4. delboy_187


    Great Easter present out for a couple hours trawling got this lovely girl..... She went back for another day
  5. I'll be on salmon from here out.... As I'm delighted with me pikes so far
  6. Cheers dyktos..... 20 years an thats biggest... New boat haven stopped....
  7. Pb 22 on nose boys chuffed is under statement
  8. Well lads how's every one getting on long time since bin on hope everyone in good health and dogs doin well... Loads to read haven't bin well meself but comin back to meself dogs are gathering dust over winter but Iv got the kick in the arse I needed... Looking forward for few summer mooching. Atb del
  9. They all mastiff breeds any ways slated the same
  10. It's my first attempt trying natives lads. I split my big flite into 4 rough looking 2x6x5 I know it's rough as I used some old voting signs last minute job. Birds seam happy I'm running 3 pairs goldies and pair bullys.. I added this thinking it mite make em more calm and feel bit safer.... Do yous think this good or bad in sense could make em skittish cheers del....... IV just flaps made up quick as not to Evan enter there space
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