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  1. Numbers wouldn't bother to be fair as long as your mutt gives there all get a kill or two getting out with your jukel and he don't jack .know when your dogs had enough is more important rather than breaking him down .then you can fight another day
  2. Me personally think it comes down to month of the year/weather /ground/land/the hairs themselves weather there soft or clued up/etc ... here in Ireland a dog could just say 4or5 where as take him to UK where there is ground for miles I mean 2 or 3 times the size of most the land back here I personally think they'd struggle tbh ...like imagine a soccer player playing on a gaa pitch he'd struggle big Time or be found dead ffs just my opinion each too there own ... like Cheltenham the Irish horses clean up every year its down to the slight changes in different circumstances
  3. Night time. day time ferreting. Charlie..live to hand .I genuinely only done a lot of obedience with her ... an put quarry up in front of her she done rest her self ....I will be honest only fault she have is she lacking mouth tbh ... she won't do 2or 3s Charlie a night to be fair .but as said she perfect for me might not be worth a fag to someone else
  4. Listen to me I have her trust me ... take all game bar pig .. tbh I was blessed with her as iv seen endless amount of dogs out mooching between me an many friends and the more I seen I realised I was blessed with my birth pal .. she might not suit other men like everything .she not an exceptionall do but she a very good honest dog. Good obedience speed anticipation drive and gives 110 percent for me to be fair .... saluki are a funny oul breed I remember reading in one my books they really like to please the alpha (me). They also pick who is there alpha in a house hold just say for instance
  5. Don't mind me rambling on lads night an God bless
  6. The lad loved dogs tbh honest in this game if a dog don't make the grade there gone bono would hold on making excuses for to keep them or find them good homes he was soft hearted dog man ... two weeks before all this he had a Coker pup with parvo which he saved ..only twice have we ever done it experimenting tbh as we know it's dehydrationwhat kills them we knewif we can keep fluids into her she'll be OK with out food till the worst passes ..saline bags and intravenous line popped under the skin aswell as a 50 mm syringe injecting fluids under the dogs skin all around her back in bubble like l
  7. Last message from him .... genuinely it would have bin me had I gone that day bono wasn't aggressive type man he was a joker poor soul only tried make piece to get the dog back ..me on the other hand would of got it in the forehead charging the tramp as I'd of took it upon myself to get the jukel and if possible throttle the c**t ....rest in piece beef ....
  8. Nice piece from our crew to bono .... Still can't get my head around it lads iv lost family members younger than bono but this one's hard to swallow
  9. No there stocked them . Lake was only stocked last week pal ... there bows and browns in lake too mate
  10. First time out fishing from Bank an not the boat in very long time .... Great day 10 trout between 3 o f us ..... I hit 5 decent ones
  11. Not to worrys anyone on the emerald Isle feel free lads
  12. Twice he shot bullets are still lodged in his head
  13. He's poxed someone pissed on his cornflakes yesterday an my pal kieth was murdered as a result .. honestly he was trying to talk his way around the man the let him get his dog and was murdered the other lad was lucky too not bin shot as he shot at him too the man intended hurt some I don't know the laws of carrying a hand gun ..but I'll leave yes too it ....
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