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  1. Where is the original thread .. all my pics have gone from my attachments aswel
  2. Maybe so pal but I'm type prefer a bitch pup than a dog pup so that woupd make up the choice for tbh ... simples
  3. Bit of schooling 3rd outing ..slow an steady ... its marathon not a sprint ? baby steps
  4. This type thing puts me off breeding my bitch to be honest .. plenty off offers from stud dogs an lads asking when I'm breeding .. the money wouldn't bother me it be that they could end up with some forking ejit or god knows we're or be reared to be nothing but a cure .... witch is why if an when I do ill have a bucket waiting holding back 3 maybe 4 for myself an close pals ...simple. peace of mind is priceless
  5. An upsetter an a disappointer????,,,, ah she collie bull grey x saluki bull Grey.... shadow /crunchy/ luck breeding if they ring a bell
  6. After 9 years I acquired myself new pup for 23/24 ... hopefully she's half as good as my veteran
  7. Will They run a lamp ye... pal what amp an volt they come in ... what one you recommend cheers del
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