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  1. Bithch I was gifted off here .same situation asked had any bodie got any litters coming up ss the gentleman sorted me right out ... 3/8ths line bred bull grey I gifted a member on here myself ... super bred bitch I'd no room otherwise she be in my kennels ..could of sold her god knows how many times but I gifted her to a lad of here because it gives me more satisfaction looking at them thriving than any amount money .... Theres another I gifted a lad still has here he on this site ..... pups i took cause i could do them a favour Money ain't everything isn't it nice see dogs being cared an looked after
  2. First one spit my bagel only the broken coat .lovely speciman
  3. Well 228 pages in ..has there bin a nicest lurcher picked.. think everyone should vote theres an winner gets Something nice ... 5 euro entry fee . Alterain u should be judge / bookies
  4. Get yourself out with others before you decide... nuff poor dogs kicked to the pat because pple dont know wats instore..... then you've other clowns make shit out good dogs and blame the dog .... why not rehome an oul jukel first
  5. Do you not know the secret code ....if dont know code your not in the gang ....al jokes aside 35 asking questions pple no the answer too since they themselves were pups... (dogs are for life not just the weekend pal )
  6. You should know the answer to that pal ffs you not heard of the shitzuxbishon...all rounders on right hands
  7. Another is screw off your lens and use bulb light fires fags anything you wouldn't believe how many night I walked with no lighter and 4or5 or rolled joints in my pocket ... till I noticed that
  8. Had same problem..push from wire end out .so the component thinks that's name of it comes out of female cigarette connection ..an resolder it better .... or if your not using cigarette plug cut it off and wire it back up ........ I notice your using a hunter lamp if I'm right that's your problem there ...pop orange piece off see if problem lies there
  9. Wouldn't have an ikc or ekc..thems only bred for the flapper nowadays for trophies an rossets
  10. No mate whippet x would do .. just a rabbiting mutt as small as I can get ... friend of mine is after small mooching mutt
  11. Lads not actually wanting one for free . I'll give money I never mentioned (forsale) the good hunting family we are would strike down those who advertise pups for sale ...
  12. Hand held I have ... tbh used alot more ... 30 or 40 quid is all bout 4 years ago disposable at that price if got one season
  13. 170 dimmer best of the lot... I'm nearly sure they come standard 55w....another pro if your like myself and bring a few ready maders anforget lighter...unscrew lens ...your lamp is now a lighter try it
  14. Everything made to break nowadays..... good car battery and lamps from inside old bill cars... up the auctions new battery and lamp every week.... the hardship ......iv my l ion battery 12v 22a an 170 tracer with 75watt bulb from tracer 5 years now still perfect......
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