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  1. delboy_187


    Great Easter present out for a couple hours trawling got this lovely girl..... She went back for another day
  2. delboy_187

    View From Your Swim

    I'll be on salmon from here out.... As I'm delighted with me pikes so far
  3. delboy_187

    View From Your Swim

    Cheers dyktos..... 20 years an thats biggest... New boat haven stopped....
  4. delboy_187

    View From Your Swim

    She went back fine
  5. delboy_187

    View From Your Swim

    Pb 22 on nose boys chuffed is under statement
  6. delboy_187

    What's up lads

    Well lads how's every one getting on long time since bin on hope everyone in good health and dogs doin well... Loads to read haven't bin well meself but comin back to meself dogs are gathering dust over winter but Iv got the kick in the arse I needed... Looking forward for few summer mooching. Atb del
  7. delboy_187

    Poor kid killed by pit bull type dog

    They all mastiff breeds any ways slated the same
  8. delboy_187

    Aviary mesh painting black

    It's my first attempt trying natives lads. I split my big flite into 4 rough looking 2x6x5 I know it's rough as I used some old voting signs last minute job. Birds seam happy I'm running 3 pairs goldies and pair bullys.. I added this thinking it mite make em more calm and feel bit safer.... Do yous think this good or bad in sense could make em skittish cheers del....... IV just flaps made up quick as not to Evan enter there space
  9. delboy_187

    Giving up the dogs

    Only reading now pete . Pm nw
  10. delboy_187

    Fury v wilder

    Lads heard whisper jason Melbourn fight rigged he ment win hurt ment take fall I wrote it first
  11. delboy_187

    Out Today

    Good crack spot ss on just back myself bitch hasn't ran in months apart from walks hand full bunnies I'm happy open up her lungs missed oul Charlie should bin had bitch was rusty as f**k . I see your putting then away
  12. delboy_187

    Any Lads Had "the Snip" ???

    Balls are in bits reading this are yous off the head lads
  13. delboy_187

    A quick hour

    Ha ha never seen lead or color till you got her pete . Which is a poxy thing how's she now
  14. delboy_187

    A quick hour

    It up to now pete told you if had room black bitch wouldn't of made it by me ... I don't evan own her and have high hopes did you keep name kink ... what height is she now