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  1. 'sully'

    The pup and new addition

    The Bitch raymass lines and the dog is out of side show bob
  2. 'sully'

    The pup and new addition

    They were pal
  3. 'sully'

    The pup and new addition

    Tis pal, normal place we run out the dogs pal. Cheers, Plenty tripe and linseed oil. hope your keeping well pal.
  4. 'sully'

    The pup and new addition

    Cheers pal, happy with the progress and both seem to take everything in there stride. I can’t ask for anymore than that.
  5. 'sully'

    The pup and new addition

    Cheers pal, hopes all well with you
  6. The pup is just gone 7 months and is about 25 tts. He’s broken to livestock and ferrets. Very happy with him so far. He’s had a few rabbits while ferreting. The new Bitch is abut 17 months and is 7th gen half cross about 24tts. Great temperament and a nice turn of speed.
  7. 'sully'

    3/4 greyhound/1/4 bull,8,mth old 27,tts

    My pup is a first cross and 7 months about 24/25 tts pal. He’s on the right
  8. 'sully'

    First cross bull whippets

    Wait till you see his father work pal. You’ll have even more confidence
  9. 'sully'

    First cross bull whippets

    He’s looking well with you pal. I hope he’s doing me proud.
  10. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    I do pal
  11. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    Cheers pal, he seems to have grown every time I look at him
  12. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    Up to date picture from today , 5.5 months old currently about 22/23 “ tts
  13. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    Broken to ferrets now. I’m very happy with him so far. Very intelligent pup. He’s very settled and seems eager to please. Can’t ask for much more at his age.
  14. 'sully'

    Bull whippet (Powell's pocket rocket)

    Bred by Brenner on here pal, plenty game got with him