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  1. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    Up to date picture from today , 5.5 months old currently about 22/23 “ tts
  2. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    Broken to ferrets now. I’m very happy with him so far. Very intelligent pup. He’s very settled and seems eager to please. Can’t ask for much more at his age.
  3. 'sully'

    Bull whippet (Powell's pocket rocket)

    Bred by Brenner on here pal, plenty game got with him
  4. 'sully'

    Bull whippet (Powell's pocket rocket)

    Never had one of Powell’s but do have my own first cross dog. Real good animal
  5. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    It’s the ostrich effect pal
  6. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    A few from today.. growing like a weed 21” tts
  7. 'sully'


    Probably lactic acid pal, squeeze the juice from a tomato down his throat. It will sort the lactic acid build up after hard running
  8. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    One from today
  9. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    Cheers lads, he’s a real headache lol
  10. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    Any pictures of the dog pal?
  11. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    About 15 weeks now .. he’s flying up and has a good long back, Greta temperament to. Very happy with him so far.
  12. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    12 weeks now, growing away nicely
  13. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    Hopefully pal, an ounce of breeding is worth a ton of feeding as they say
  14. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    Cheers pal
  15. 'sully'

    First cross bull grey

    I still have my bull whippet pal, I have a plan in my head but we’ll see how things go first pal, just prefer the first crosses myself. I seem to hell better with them and they suitthe type of ground and work I do. I’d say he’ll be 25/26 tts pal. By having the two first crosses of different sizes I’ll be able to work most types of ground.