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19 hours ago, patterdale said:



3 minutes ago, lanesra said:

Can't go to next or previous page either , must be a reason behind the change but I thought there was nothing wrong how it was !! 

There's still stuff going on behind the scene expect it to ge glitchy for a few days 

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I think some of you must be laying it on a bit thick with how many adverts you are seeing? I'm seeing no more than on the previous version. Either that or the clever software realises this nerd is imm

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If you've got dating sites advertised... whether that be for musssssslims, midgets, asains, ping pongs, milfs, men (mark Williams) animals or toys, you've done something in your past search history to warrant it. You can't beat the internet. Don't pretend it's "by accident".


Thats why I have cock size reduction ads in mine :) 

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