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  1. Impromptu chippy tea here. I dropped the tape on this behemoth.. and she came in at 15.5". And yes.... i failed!!
  2. Is that Blackburn D?? If so, here's your chance to wind the clock back!!! The Macc Lads Blackburn Tickets, King George's Hall, 19th Nov 2021 | Ents24 WWW.ENTS24.COM Tickets and information for The Macc Lads at King George's Hall in Blackburn on Fri 19th Nov 2021 from Ents24.com, the UK's biggest entertainment website
  3. Craking topic this.. I'm a metal head in disguise.... don't tell any f**ker though!! First ever gig GnR's main road '92. Seen way too many to list.. lots of Downloads at Donnington, festivals at Mk bowl and Leeds. Also done the arena's for bands like Metallica ( 7 times ) ... i don't rate those big characterless venues though. Shite with no real atmosphere i found.. and seems like you're always half a mile away from the stage! Rock city in notts is my go to venue now for gigs, been going 25 years or more, only 50 mins from here. Mega atmosphere.. loud and rough
  4. Can you still get that?? I usually just have a swag of Metacam and fews stella's...
  5. Fair play to you mate! Looks a nice spot that with some belting views. I know one of older lads here had a bad fall and did his back in. 2 month off on rock bottom sick pay. He didn't seem that bothered to be honest and was back at it as soon as he was right!
  6. Anyone still getting out riding?? I've recently had a shoulder opp and wearing a sling so no biking for a while here. I'm missing it tbh. It's so easy to take such little things for granted... until it's taken away from you. Applies to lots of things in life i suppose. Found these on my phone. Had a bad spell of coming off few months back. I'm 44 now and don't bounce back up as quickly as i did in my teens!! I thought f**k it here... and had 5 minutes whilst i was down!! Nowt really but if you can't have a laugh at yourself it's time to call it a day i r
  7. I watched it 17 times before i relaised there was a bloke at the side of her playing the guitar!!
  8. Spag boll here.. not very rock and roll for a Saturday evening! I can't complain though... apart from the great nog of cheese burried in the middle!
  9. If that pic was of my two daughters, who are of a similar age and wear those school dresses I'd be kicking your f***ing door down very shortly... I hate seeing this sort of shit on here... photos of young school girls ffs... another wrong un like 'our team'.. I'm fuking raging... I'm absolutely fuking raging with what I've just read.. mods please delete this sick shit!
  10. Good shout that Sidney... I love a bit of the Tallica boys, seen them a good 6 times i reckon. Check this gig out. Amazing energy.. especially from Newstead. I listened to it live on my Sony walkman.. whilst walking the Lab.. i was probably 14 then. Hetfeild signed some agreement to say he wouldn't use bad language as it was going out on live national radio.. prime time!!! Check his opening out at 1:53....
  11. All the best ball suckers!!........
  12. Looks grand you flash c*!t........,
  13. F**k yes mate!!! Is she the whipper in to the Ullswater???
  14. Yes pal.. kennels are in the valley just far side. They where well on course. They were being fed as we passed later on...
  15. Probably the best two piccie's I've seen together mate... and that breakfast looks absolutely banging!! Hat's off to your Mrs...... i think you've got a keeper there!!
  16. Talking of mtb's.. i was out playing in the snow yesterday in the Lakes and some crazy fool had taken their bike for a walk over the lump below!! St Sunday crag it's called. I only just managed to walk over it!! ... fair play to them though. I would have taken a pic of the tracks.. but my 3 pairs of gloves weren't coming off for anything!! When i got there i bump into a couple of stray bitch hounds.. They knew what they were doing heading back to HQ the scenic way..
  17. Shit load in the lakes on top today...
  18. No mate... mug of Hallicks and last of the summer wine at best!!
  19. I remember what my old grandma used to say bless her..... "fcuk it"!!
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