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  1. Burnie69 is spot on.. Once day 18 comes I up the Humidity, if it ever dropped below 55-60 the chicks died in shell. Day 18 "lockdown" is the main/harder bit of hatching for me, temperature aside.. I strictly sit on my hands and don't open the bator till hatch day as it will let humidity escape and I'll end up with chicks stuck or unable to pip/zip. But I'm lucky I've just had two successful broody hatches in the hedge lol. But will be doing ayam cemanis in next week or so, there too dear to wreck by bad incubating skills
  2. My mum has that out her back... It's a pain in the backside, goes green very quick needs powerhosed regular or you'd break your neck.. Also tend to wobble about and chip. Good stuff they said lol. Lovely to look at but not my cup of tea
  3. MoChara

    Mood Boost

    Usually headphones for me BUT Go out and sit with the animals, let dogs, pigs the lot out! watch the chickens poking around the grass and birds whistling away in trees - cup of coffee and a wee smoke. Bliss!
  4. MoChara


    yes very true.. Till yous roll over and start all over AGAIN.!! It's actually not funny it's quite annoying It's not annoying......it's an endearing character trait ! And she also does her fair share.....!! she probably sounds like a sleeping baby... You, YOU sound like a blocked up Hoover.! Tut tut tut.. So I think ill send him for a nose job like Wullz
  5. MoChara


    yes very true.. Till yous roll over and start all over AGAIN.!! It's actually not funny it's quite annoying
  6. MoChara

    Cremating Dogs

    Oh my hearts breaking reading all your posts TOMO's post - speaks for itself Never had to put a dog I owned down but had to stay with dogs as owners couldn't handle it. Flip the gut wrench you get is unreal. When my animals die or a family bred dog, relations to my two boys, I dig a hole here. They will all go in the same area when they're time comes, I only hope it's not anytime soon!
  7. MoChara


    Oh please....!! Does it work really I've seen that before... I've bought himself sprays the lot.. HES A DUMPER TRUCK. I'm sure the walls shake when he snores it's like nails on a chalkboard only fecking louder.
  8. The beetle green and purple sheen is stunning on them, especially in sunlight. These ones are only coming into lay now, so can't really give definitive answer on their laying, but seem to be good enough
  9. Oh my giddy aunt I didn't even write their breed They are Ayam Cemani - and I'm biased so think this breed is the bees knees
  10. I try and use sand where possible seems to soak up and trap odours too. I line bottom off coops in it makes for easier cleaning, if needs be a pooper scooper to it daily just lifted the dirt sand falls back through. Great job for my ducks too as there water messy buggers lol
  11. thanks lol I'm little miss wonky trying to take pictures
  12. hoping to, I'm buying in German bloodline eggs to hatch aswel in next week or two, try keep few for myself for next year.
  13. What a stunning animal you have there! Have it in a heartbeat. FUJI that pup is gorgeous lol
  14. Shhh! Adults talking. shhhh last time I checked I was a young (ish) adult.. Your just jealous cause your an old wrinkly prune
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