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  1. How the fuk was that a penalty
  2. Very good show, I had to laugh when the interviewer ask , have you ever been sick?. I had a hangover once he replied
  3. Jesus but the English commentators are hard to listen to
  4. Jigsaw those Carl zeiss are a great bino
  5. Thanks it's just going to be used pack venison loin so won't be getting very much use
  6. Do you mind telling me where you got it please
  7. Has anyone tried the silvercrest ones, I think lidl do them
  8. Class, saw him in Derry a few years ago. He almost hypnotized the audience
  9. Stunning knife.How much would such a beautiful knife cost
  10. Fock that’s unbelievable £70 for 100 litres here in the north
  11. Blowing like Fock here and lashing
  12. fs that was a bit one sided, glad i didn,t pay to watch it
  13. the scudd


    Not sure but the aegis material is not as good as the older Goretex stuff
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