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  1. the scudd

    Storm Ciara

    Blowing like Fock here and lashing
  2. Well played ireland
  3. fs that was a bit one sided, glad i didn,t pay to watch it
  4. the scudd


    Not sure but the aegis material is not as good as the older Goretex stuff
  5. i had the niggeloh sling and found it a pain to use, the rifle would be slapping side to side . the z aim is a far better option
  6. sorry only into deer,
  7. when are you comin and what hunting are you in to
  8. have a look on shpock there is a pair of altberg field and fell brand new for £70. i have a pair they are brilliant boots
  9. jigsaw what size are you
  10. hi take a look at minox, you should pick up a pair for less than £200.very good glass for the money
  11. yip josie wales, one of my favourites
  12. hi can anyone give me a contact no to get some chicken and tripe in exeter devon. thanks
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