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  1. the scudd

    rifle sling

    i had the niggeloh sling and found it a pain to use, the rifle would be slapping side to side . the z aim is a far better option
  2. the scudd

    Trip to Ireland

    sorry only into deer,
  3. the scudd

    Trip to Ireland

    when are you comin and what hunting are you in to
  4. the scudd

    Place on a deer stalking lease ireland

    what part of the country john
  5. the scudd

    Cheap Army Boots

    have a look on shpock there is a pair of altberg field and fell brand new for £70. i have a pair they are brilliant boots
  6. the scudd

    Cheap Army Boots

    jigsaw what size are you
  7. the scudd

    Celestron Vs Steiner Bins

    hi take a look at minox, you should pick up a pair for less than £200.very good glass for the money
  8. the scudd

    What Film

    yip josie wales, one of my favourites
  9. the scudd

    Chicken And Tripe

    hi can anyone give me a contact no to get some chicken and tripe in exeter devon. thanks
  10. the scudd

    Winter Coat

    get a sportchief coat made in canada, one of the best coatsi ever had
  11. the scudd

    Mackerel Bashing 2017

    nice offer i used to do alot of fishing but haven,t done any in years only have a wee spinning rod
  12. the scudd

    Father Q

    fuk me will you stop putting these pics up , your making me hungry
  13. the scudd

    Mackerel Bashing 2017

    hi if you get too many i would buy a few
  14. the scudd

    Grill It

    man that looks good
  15. the scudd

    Fiver Q

    jesus man that looks great