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  1. earthdog dai

    Dog whining and barking at night

    It's worked for your mate has it? I'm thinking of trying something similar.
  2. earthdog dai

    Dog whining and barking at night

    What make was the one you used?
  3. earthdog dai

    Quality Bushing Litter (First Cross Russell/Beagle)

    That’s the bitch I kept back.
  4. earthdog dai

    Quality Bushing Litter (First Cross Russell/Beagle)

    Yes they are showing the right signs. Still only puppies at the moment but I’m over the moon to be honest. The drive and determination is a joy to watch
  5. How much reach are we talking?
  6. I have just bought a Mossberg 500 Hushpower and was wondering what people’s thoughts are on cartridges?? cheers
  7. My butty is thinking about selling these, what they worth?
  8. earthdog dai


    Yes had loads this week, treat the Windows with permost. It works a treat.
  9. earthdog dai

    Wanted Ferret finder & collar

    My mate has an 8ft receiver and two collars for sale.
  10. earthdog dai

    WANTED MK1 Deben repair

    There a chap on Facebook called Paul Sullivan that repairs them.
  11. earthdog dai

    Mooching in the mountains

  12. I have a Russell bitch due to whelp 2 weeks today, she's a quality rabbiting/bushing bitch that i bred myself from years of hunt service Russell's. I took her to a beagle dog in hunt service as i want to keep a pup back for myself. These pups will make ideal bushing types. I have added a few photos of the bitch and dog and once born they will be added to the for sale section. PM for more details.
  13. earthdog dai

    Working Dog Meds

    Is this still available?
  14. earthdog dai

    Beagle Bitch??

    South Wales
  15. earthdog dai

    Beagle Bitch??

    Looking to add beagle blood to our line of terriers for bushing rabbits. I am looking for a bitch that has been worked previously, maybe ex hunt??? Will travel for the right bitch!