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  1. Be interesting to know how many were shot. I've been to lots of bits of ground that have been over run with rabbits and have had hundreds running about. sound familiar?
  2. They are talking about Highways officers. As far as I know, they cant give you a ticket, but I'm happy to be corrected. I do know that they are known as "Dustmen" because they pick up all the rubbish.
  3. 3 weeks in Tobago for me. Fishing, eating , drinking and most other exotic past times for me.
  4. I do when I get the chance. I'm a bit partial to a half smoked Regal too, lipstick flavour is the best.
  5. All dogs are happy to share a lounge and all of mine quite often do, in fact I'm sitting here with the oldie and the two pups (in crate obvs) at the mo. My dogs are all loved and I make sure I do the right thing by them and if that means pts for what ever reason, then so be it. I know what I'm doing, I think I have now have working dogs for over 40 years and have seen all dog men types. As I've said before, I've been about. To me it doesn't matter if your a bag chaser, a rosette collector, a hardcore lamper, digger, shooter or owt else, just as long as you care. We are all in this game
  6. Greenfinches went some years ago. They warned to not feed in the summer, because of the transfer of some disease? We get plenty of Goldfinches and this year we have a good number of Siskins.
  7. Been here on one of the lakes since Friday. Kent that is.
  8. The bitch is going to a lad that has a large house on an estate. The bitch will have a fantastic life. The reason she hasn't been pts, is because she would be a good dog for many and she is a nice dog to have around. I am with my dogs all day and they are as good as you can get them. As I said before, you don't know me Bangers.
  9. I mean on their feet, the short haired I know are more nimble. Yes defo, GWH are a better vermin dog.
  10. They not as sharp as Short haired and the few I know are a heavier.
  11. A friend of mine had a first cross 20 odd years ago. Was heavy on the turn and would hunt up massively on the lamp. Bit of a nuisance really. It loved a fox, if it could catch one. The Wire Haired Pointer dog used was a bit of an animal and a man biter.
  12. I had one of the first Leatherman tools, Supertool I think. I was given it 30 odd years ago and had no receipt. I snapped the screwdriver, wrote an email, when emails came about. Sent it off and they sent me back a complete new tool, as there were many worn bits. They did charge me, but it was minimal £20/25 something like that. That Supertool is still going to this day. I myself have a Leatherman Surge now, a much better usable tool. One handed opening knife is a must with me. Got searched once by the Police, the young copper said " oh yeah, what's this for?" I said "how long have
  13. There are other versions of this little ditty.
  14. For your information and it isn't really any of your business. I took the bitch on because someone, a well known dog man died, left a pregnant bitch, I took on one of the pups because my old bitch was 11 and on here last legs. I live on a very large site and have permission as far as I can walk. I work dogs and dogs get past there working days. So new dogs have to be brought in. I have 1 yard dog, 1 ten year old Lurcher, 1 thirteen year old Spaniel x, her pup of 7 years and 2 of her pups 16 months. Then there is the Lurcher that I have given the benefit of the doubt over the last 2 seaso
  15. I don't give a feck what people think my dogs look like. Conformation for wear and tear purposes, yes, but that's about it. I suppose I've been lucky in that any litters that I've had, have been wanted before conception. So it don't matter much what they look like. I have a bitch here now, 2.5 years old and the best looking dog out of my 7. It goes to a pet/working home before the end of this month. Some of the best looking birds I've had, have been the worst
  16. I've just spoken to the seller and the only thing the parents have caught is Covid
  17. Good looking pups! Means nowt. There's been a few on here have bred because of looks I remember who you are
  18. It'll soon be June, nice warm evenings for lamping Hares. I feel much more comfortable in my '95's, trackies and a tee shirt.
  19. I've got a dog kennel here that I've had for 30+ years. it was secondhand when I bought it and made out of recycled materials. The kennel comes apart, flat pack style and when I last moved 23 years ago, it was still sticky and messy to touch in between the joints. I treated it and replaced the roof back then and it is only now it is ready to be replaced. So I would say its cushty.
  20. It takes ages, months to dry. Unless you timber is proper dry. It will go a lot further and used engine oil is free. I've known it to be mixed with diesel too, but that was when diesel was cheap and red. Creosote, old oil and diesel, lovely. My friends Father used to do the kennels, stables, coops and pretty much everything outside. I've ruined plenty of clothes round there, my Ma used to do her nut at me.
  21. A hard hunting Cocker and a hard biting Terrier I hope. You can't beat them.
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