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  1. Great stuff...glad you're happy with her mate
  2. She's looking good Adam...How's she coming on mate?
  3. This is my lad...Mali cross coursing type dog
  4. My Kelpie 1st cross made 27 inch and bitch made 25...
  5. Cracking litter that Jigsaw A mate of my has bred 2 litters from a pure Kelpie stud...all turned out fawn bar one which was black and tan mate.
  6. That's a cracking looking dog Phil...is it an old stud or a new one mate?
  7. Cheers Phil... I hope you and Rose are coping mate. ATB Steve
  8. Yes mate, billhardy bred him...Mali cross coursing type dog
  9. Haven't anymore pics of her tomo. This is the sire and dam lads... The bitch is basically 3/8ths collie cross 5/8ths greyhound, got a touch of bull in as well though
  10. Not mine bill...it's the lad who bred her mate. Already 20 inches at 4 months so she'll make a decent size for him ATB postie
  11. Hi Bill, this is one of Brego's pups mate. Just turned 4 months now
  12. He does me mate...certainly nothing special but like I said I really like the dog
  13. Hi Neal, he was bred by Steve and Jenny Andrews before they emigrated. His sire 'Okara Max' went to Kevin Reeves... he's still there now aged 13 mate. Another pic for you
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