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  1. Some rats give as good as they get...this young jill had a nasty wound a few weeks back. She healed up lovely now...be interesting to see if she's still up for the fight now
  2. The pup had her first rats the other day. The big lad loves the ratting job mate. Don't think I'd breed off them...I'll be sticking to smaller dogs from now on mate.
  3. Hi mate, G's pup is doing really well...he's really pleased with her. How's your's? hope you're having a decent season mate. The cattle dog pup is on the right...
  4. This is my young bitch...she's coming on nicely
  5. Stunning dog...only heard good things about him dillydog
  6. I think DC has now got another pure Kelpie bitch Neal.
  7. She's turned out a nice bitch mate...hope she does you proud
  8. He was a lovely lad with a great temperament Katchum...great marker and retriever, unfortunately he liked to yap so after a couple of seasons we parted company . I don't think you'll go far wrong with yours mate...all the best with her
  9. He must be getting on a bit now...I reckon he's about 9 now Neal.
  10. Hi Tomo, hope you're well mate... Still doing a bit and it is a bit...same as a lot of places now the bunnies are pretty scarce at the moment . D.C. is a full time pestie now...I think he's moving away from the lurchers though. How about yourself...what are you running mate?
  11. Yes mate they are...just found out that pic was about 15 years ago ....feck me I'm getting old
  12. Great memories for me mate...it was a pleasure to meet you and Mike.
  13. Lovely pic 'OldPhil'...pretty sure that was when I tagged along to your place with DC many many moons ago
  14. Great stuff...glad you're happy with her mate
  15. She's looking good Adam...How's she coming on mate?
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