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  1. postie

    My Mali X

    Nice bitch Lee...very similar to my lad
  2. postie


    Death by misadventure...I like that LOJ. Glad you got him mate. I found a tunnel like that the other day and just backfilled it...next time I'll try a putange
  3. postie


    Thanks for the advice lads... LOJ...I've caught 3 from her garden, hopefully that's it mate. Tilimangro...I didn't realise that's what they did. Next time I have one I'll check mate.
  4. postie


    After a bit of advice folks... In the last week or so I must of had a dozen traps plugged up...I've had both putanges and tunnel traps filled. I've trapped this field a couple of times before with success. Any ideas welcome.. postie
  5. postie

    Water bottles LOL

    A good tip is to put a bit of dried rice in the bottle, add a bit of water, screw the lid back on and shake well...they soon come up like new mate
  6. Lovely fat pup's Trev...got some heads on them mate.
  7. postie


    I says you can't receive messages mate...
  8. postie


    pm sent...
  9. postie

    Bone men

    Cheers trigger, I'll give him a bell mate
  10. postie

    Bone men

    I've used both Mike Guilliard and Richard Torr in the past...obviously with both having proper veterinary practices they were fairly expensive. What does Robert Meek charge for looking over the dogs?
  11. postie

    Bone men

    Do you have a contact number troyboy17?
  12. postie

    Bone men

    I was going to put up a post myself this morning asking the same question...I'm pretty sure I used him 6 years ago. Does anyone know of any bone men around North Staffs?
  13. postie

    show me your collie whippet

    lurchers...are both parents merles? Was it an accidental mated or planned? Just wondering if there were any deaf or blind pups in the litter... Lovely looking pup by the way mate
  14. postie


    I bought Moleys mole trapping dvd from fourteen acres a few weeks back...well I can honestly say it's brilliant, especially for a complete novice like me. I was taught by an old friend of mine to trap near to new workings. I managed to catch moles but it was taking a while (I'd never make a living out of it ). Well this dvd has really changed my way of trapping. I stand back and try to work out the feed and connector runs now. Although I did a small field the other week and really couldn't make out any pattern at all I'd highly recommend this dvd to anyone thinking of taking up mole trapping lads... ATB postie
  15. postie

    malinois x whippet

    Looks a real strong dog fireman