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  1. RubyTex


    You'll have them thinking I've been banged up!! Can't add laughing emoticons on my phone for some reason
  2. RubyTex


    Doing very well Bird, he comes on here still I think just doesnt type as much shite as he used to hahaha
  3. RubyTex


    No Buckshot I'm about 40 miles West now. I probably do but wouldn't know unless I saw his face, plenty of pigeons on that field always has been. You been out much?
  4. RubyTex

    Dishonest People

    Good lad I was going to offer you the 175 to go get him until I read further down.
  5. RubyTex


    Likewise!!! How you doing Walshie?
  6. RubyTex


    Good to see some of the old guard still here, don't get a lot of time to get on here these days but I'll try!
  7. RubyTex


    Evening all, how's it hanging?? Long time no post.....
  8. RubyTex

    Fishing Comp 2017

    Hello mate, hope you're well... was talking to Stig about you a week or so backI'm good thanks Kev, yourself? Won the comp again then!! Haha. How is Stig? Not seen or heard anything of him for a while.
  9. RubyTex

    Fishing Comp 2017

    Well done lads. Glad it went well!
  10. Izzy have you shared this on Facebook? Surely someone out there.
  11. RubyTex

    Looking For A Van

    Hi, just any small to medium van, relatively cheap, will be a dog bus / occassional sleeper on over night trips. Cheers
  12. RubyTex

    Looking For A Van

    Applogies this is in the wrong section but i'm looking for a van, Co Durham / Scottish Borders way, please Pm me. Cash waiting Thanks
  13. RubyTex

    Fcuking Traverlers

    My only interaction with pikeys is having been slashed with a stanley knife by a couple of the scummers a few years back, all for the huge sum of £3, which they didn't manage to get off me anyway. I would set fire to the f***ing lot.
  14. RubyTex

    Some Beating In Scotland..

    Cheers Buckshot, aye moved up but home for Christmas. I was on Crimdon beach yesterday in a t-shirt. Awesome haha
  15. The bitch coming on leaps and bounds on a shooting estate in Jock Land.