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  1. Stick a good old fleece under a Berhaus made of their AQ2 material, i dont think you can get everything you want thats "not too expensive" it works for me Adam.
  2. I looked for a 3/4 whippet 1/4 collie pup stormyboy, this was about 6 years ago, and like you say they are thin on the ground, i ended up with a 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy [with a nats of GH blood] she,s turned out just fine, 22tts, she,s work mad and reasonably intelligent, works to hand signals, great recall, infact the best recall of any dog i,v ever had, some males can be abit head strong iam told but this bitch is a pleasure to own, worth considering if you cant get a collie cross. atb, Buster.
  3. I,v had plenty of running dogs over the years, some better than others, if i,v had a dog that didnt really excell at what i wanted it for i,d find it some other work to do, marking holes for example, i,v yet to own a dog that was shite at everything, i owe my dogs a good life with some purpose to it and i do my best to provide it.
  4. Depends what sort of ground you run Liamc, there,s alot of lads running 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy but i would'nt rule out a 1/4 collie or 1/4 bull, as long as its from good workers, i,d have thought it might be easier to get a good beddy cross just because there,s more out there doing the job, for rougher ground then maybe look at 5/8 3/8.
  5. The Whippet blooded dog should be able to turn on a tanner, as is the way with whippets, very handy if you quarry is rabbits, the greyhound type would require more room. But if your quarry is, shall we say, a little bigger or harder then, as you say, i,d go with the greyhound cross.
  6. Anyone used or seen a Plummer X Whippet, i,v thought for a few years now that this cross could be useful, i used to bush & sometimes even lamp with a leggy Plummer i had, a dog with his nose but abit more speed would imo make a good ferreting/mooching companion.
  7. Bring it up like a Lurcher, it wont know the difference, good luck with it what ever you do.
  8. If i were you i,d line your bitch with a good Plummer, The gene pool for Plummers is small and can lead to problem,s. but putting a good un over your bitch should give your pups more nose, always handy in a bushing dog. Best bushing dog i,v had was a Plummer, had his problems though.
  9. Most of my working dogs have been 3/4 GH with the rest made up of either DH or Collie, i still run a 3/4 sight hound [GH/Whippet mix] 1/4 beddy, iam a big fan of 3/4 bred dogs, although if i was looking for one now, i would have to look at a good Saluki/GH mix rather than 3/4 GH, when i was younger and running Hares most days, i couldnt get hold of good Saluki blood, i saw very few Saluki,s good or bad.
  10. Go to the local dog rescue place and give one of theirs a good home.
  11. Any pics of your pack sully? D'you work them below, or only as bushers? I know a lad who works a few, they make good ratters too. Very under rated is the Teckle.
  12. Noisey feckers though, not recommended if your somewere you should'nt be, same goes for Beagle crosses, A good cocker X Terrier would be my choice. Best i,v had if there were no sets nearby was a Plummer, couldnt keep him out of the ground though.
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