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  1. Got this old bsa air rifle given a while back anyone know what model it is? A friend said lightning XL? Tia
  2. Smart looking dog mate how old
  3. Pedigree, from working and racing lines
  4. Pedigree, from working and racing lines
  5. I’ve got a collie/whippet X collie/greyhound with a touch of bull (apparently) she is thick set but only stands at around 22-23 tts she’s 3 years old I’m going to be putting a pure whippet on the back of her in the next few days has anyone got any pictures of a similar X
  6. Picking my new pup up in a few weeks 3/4 grey 1/4 collie dog, any name suggestions? It's blue merl
  7. Got some goats milk from asda here it's just uht semi-skimmed goats milk? Is that ok
  8. Are people shooting at your dogs ... bloody dangerous place you live .......
  9. cheers for all the advice guys its much appreciated will be going to sort a load of raw out tomorrow from a local source will feed little and often the kennels are bullet proof and nice and warm so should be fine
  10. whats the best goats milk to get and where from?
  11. Picked my pup up today at only 5 weeks old! Blokes asked me to come and get her as soon as possible as he's nearly chopped his arm off in a bad accident at work and was struggling to look after them all. (the accident was genuine I've seen his arm and it was awful), the pups been off the mother about a week on dry puppy food he's said, so I've been and brought her home now shes kennelled outside with my other dogs (separated beds) I've put loads of blankets bedding and toys down along with the food he's been feeding them on and shes tucked straight into it I was just wanting to know what peopl
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