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  1. Thanks bud appreciate it an hopefully will get plenty of chances to try him next season
  2. thanks mate an he's pritty bang on size wise can't fault the dog
  3. My pal got a phone call off a landowner complying of a trouble Charlie that kept lingering around the chicken pens it had already took a fair few. He also had geese on eggs so he wanted shot of this brazen ASAP .We no the land well there's plenty of cover but not many earths. We had made a artificial close by a while back to see if would make it easyier to get the trouble makers so far we ant had owt at home but up to now no problems eather so a suggested trying all cover with dogs and gun to no avail had a look at the earths all looked dead. The dog half heartedly entered one but nothing this
  4. Think grunters may have a bitch for sale bread same way as mine in pro pick am not 100% shore if it's for sale but al ask him to give you a shout
  5. Bit of a c**ts trick that feel sorry for you lass. You will just after cross your finger and hope she's gone some were good that's not going to move her on again
  6. There's loads of different ones all of them will work.. My mate uses the pieps freeride he's happy with that think there cheep if your looking to keep cost down
  7. Yep will work perfect mate all work on the same frequency the pieps box box bellman and flint sold just had their logo on bottom.. Bellman didn't change anything else with the box....
  8. Nice dog that atb with it. ps can u put a pic up can't realy see the size of the dog in that pic
  9. There Welsh hounds mate. from a small hunt from up are way pal dnt think there of any special breeding infact it want a planed mateing. The pups were supposed to be culled but looky for my pal they dint couse they are absolute beauty's an should make good animals
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