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  1. russell tuck

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    Looks like the old dog freddy mate got the same head on this bitch here dai
  2. russell tuck

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    Nice type of dog him rog is he bred more to M.E breeding roughly how much fell blood is he carrying mate
  3. russell tuck

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    Lads the fact are there are bedlington out there being dug I now alot of lads with bedlingtons which I mean type and are getting used week in week out for ratting foxing and butt I only know ov a very small handful that are on coupled or boxed up going to a earth iv seen 2 3 4 loose working and checking spots along the way it' not my cup of tea and Il refuse to enter a dog if there's another loose around the place and the truth is in my opinion yes there' bedingtons out there being dug how often and for how long just because you can dig it a handful of times in a season don't make it a digging dog there the wrong shape fore earth' shit coats and big floppy ears that take some stick in the ground for me they make decent dogs for in the rocks a little up on the leg narrow in the chest and the heart to back it up if you got the wright stuff . But for earth work and digging il stuck with Ressells or fell types myself. Fox dropper the two lads your on about with bedlingtons are decent i know both of them .
  4. russell tuck


    No problem mate was just trying to help out atb rt
  5. russell tuck


    Wales 1234 iv got a spare 1.8m single door galvanised panel here your welcome to if it helps I'm not that far from you either atb rt
  6. russell tuck

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    In got a bitch here does well in the rocks and a dog I bred also but he' un tried in the rocks or ground for that matter bet we'll see this season coming . For me it' the rocks is were the bedlington come into their own with a little bit of leg but need to be narrow across the chest I find do best for me atb rt
  7. russell tuck

    taking orders for this years harris hawk chicks

    Can you pm me your number please pal thank you atb rt
  8. russell tuck

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Well I had a mate on the fone last night speaking of thinning out his kennals he' got a couple of decent dogs there to because of all this with in our area . And to top it of iv snapped my bicep today and got to have a op to fix it so light duty for up 6 months and that' f****d me for coming season though about knock terrier work on the head and moving my terriers the game is lick it was years ago and i cant see it ever getting any better lads atb rt
  9. russell tuck

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    Morton if that' the case could you not sort a day out with your lad and the bedlington type you keep this tank fella seem keen to see a bedlington type in the rocks who knows a potential kennel to place one of these bedlington type pups you have on at the moment as you seem to want to promote the bedlington as a grafter atb rt
  10. russell tuck


    Neem oil I found to be very good cheap but does stink for afew days mix it with warm water in a spray bottle spray on dogs and rub it I find its quite good for fleas also garlic in their diet can help with tick and fleas but to much can be bad for them ATB RT
  11. russell tuck

    Need new lamping partners

    What type of dogs you running pal and what part of south wales you from Pm if you prefer ATB RT
  12. russell tuck

    Marking !

    That' a nice looking place wales very similar to a place I do could even be but I can' make it it from the picture . I do like a dog to mark and a little terrier to knock them out the rocks nothing better than seeing a fox skipping across the stones
  13. russell tuck

    Beddy Bitch Pup

    Iv got a dog and bitch here half brother and sister bitch is working and the dogs is young and will be tried this season and both are bred from worker in above and below ground iv been considering taking a litter from her in the spring if your pal is prepared to wait and he's welcome to see the bitch if he wants
  14. russell tuck


    Fd do the bedlingtons do anything in the ground at rt
  15. russell tuck

    I.m Back

    Happydays your back fox pack really enjoyed your posts atb rt