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  1. Iv got a decant springer bitch and will be looking to put in pup in the spring , the bitch is 8 year old and is kc reg as is the will be sire and will be breeding to keep a pup or two back , I wont be selling surplus pups with papers as I'm only interested in working dogs and papers mean nothing to me but pups the will be chipped and docked if that's any good to your pal.
  2. I'm to 5 mins from swansea and can collect dog and drop him to bristol to white van man or to D.C but iv not got room to kennel him I'm afraid hope this helps
  3. Iv lost 2 in the last couple of season and a good terrier zig like you said hard to replace it's not the same going out with out a big dog about me but iv got a working spring of a mate of my and she's a great busy little thing and she will mark foxes toground also
  4. Thinking of getting out on the hill Sunday morning with the terriers myself zig it will be the first time ever iv been out on the hill without a lurcher about me as iv not had one since boxing day
  5. Il hold my hands up to that one ands seen it happen on afew occasion where my lurchers have marked/run one in and and the fox has moved around before iv got there with the terriers and they've lost their mark they know his in there but can't hold a mark also couple of sea sons back hounds put one in young bedlington bitch pit him out he went 50 yards across the stones back in and neither terriers I had with me or hounds could find or get a mark atb rt
  6. the bitch after doing a bit in a undiggable place a result we had but took some stick for it not the type of places i would consider putting a digging dog atb rt
  7. For me watch a fox bolt and skip across the rocks on to the hill is something special the only other place that gives me a simular buzz is hay stacks and bails
  8. Iv a bitch here I can dig to and a bedlington bitch for in the rocks and bad places as that the mostly what I have around me and if it is in a place I can have a dig I will the Russell bitch is old now iv retired her 3 seasons running and I just keep taking her as she's good at what she does but il not have her out this season unless I'm stuck
  9. I know exactly the type of terrier you talk of as the one her is the same will do around the hour mark and come out straight back to him from another passage the hounds and lurcher have many a fox from un dig able places dew to that little bitch
  10. Some hard places about but I know rocks are not for everyone but I have some great days hunting such ground as ziggy said earlier in the thread you got to have the right type of dogs for the job
  11. Myself I like a terrier to hit him hard and that fox more often than not will want out as he's safer on the outside the Russell bitch in the picture has been a great little Rock dog/bolting terrier for me not as hard as the bedlingtons iv had for the job . Atb rt
  12. Dc I know the feeling it's a sickener but needs must mate iv had the go in on more than one occasion to pull hounds before now Atb rt
  13. For me this is where the bedlington come into the own a little up on the leg and narrow in the chest and abit of fire in the belly to get them moving
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