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  1. Wild-Bill


    Yeh cheers for the replied won’t be getting one. I was always put off pajeros years ago as got told the parts where a nightmare to get hold of? Much truth in that? I’m running a forester at the minute but going back to a jeep / pick up as need something higher up.
  2. Wild-Bill


    Yep f**k getting one. Spoke to few mechanics they all said very similar. Stick with Japanese I think haha
  3. Wild-Bill


    Any one had first hand experience with these been looking st getting one and just want to no the pros and cons what to look out for etc. Thinking of something like the disco 3 around 2005 plate.
  4. Wild-Bill

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Cracking stamp igz.
  5. Wild-Bill

    RIP Tigger

    Sorry to hear that mate. RIP tigger.
  6. Wild-Bill

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Takes after the breeder then lol. Nce looking dog mind
  7. Wild-Bill

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Lovely bitch dc. Glad she’s turning out well for you.
  8. Wild-Bill

    Hunter's Choice Lamp & Battery Update

    Used the battery all season and been faulted much better connection then the deben ones.
  9. Wild-Bill

    Stud dog saluki x grey

    Nice bitch thay can see the buddy blood a mile away prior stamps his pups and line further down. Best of luck finding a dog.
  10. Wild-Bill

    Made up

    Brilliant. That’s what its all about. Was this dog from the litter outta Lucas bred dog?
  11. Wild-Bill

    Bull greyhound saluki greyhound pup

    Nice pups them good luck with them lads
  12. Wild-Bill

    Guard dogs

    Both parents to this from jinopo kennels. Very driven bitch and excellent guard dog. They fetch strong money but more than worth it.
  13. Wild-Bill

    Started well

    That looks like heaven to me Lol. Are them dogs mainly beagle/Russell types?
  14. Wild-Bill

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    And looks don’t kill. Is a classic.
  15. Wild-Bill

    They don’t half change

    Lovely pups lads. Dc that bitch is turning out real smart . Best of luck lads