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  1. Anyone experience with these for all round bush work and flushing to Lurchers how did you find them compared to a cocker etc , I’ve seen a few of cocker/begale/terrier mix just wondering if any one keeps a cocker terrier type and has a good input in them.
  2. Nice stamp him joe, I remember your posts on moochers, is he still about?
  3. Had mistys litter sister same markings as that pied bitch but more bully looking, she was the definition of screw loose but could fill a freezer,
  4. Good stuff bosun like the look of the pup .
  5. Was stevie a black n tan dog direct from lucky.
  6. Belter that mate. Was it from Preston area
  7. Yep had a few off lloydy over the years and all good excellent service aswell.
  8. Yeh done that on a job for a restaurant in the kitchen area was miles cheaper than aluminium and just as clean. Good stuff might get some meself to stick on the block much easier for cleaning and saves painting etc maintenance
  9. Something like this below I reckon ideal and same stuff, you get it on board form only like making a plywood one go to local steel shop and get angle iron for screwing together. https://www.kedel.co.uk/mixed-plastic-lumber/recycled-mixed-plastic-sheet-1050-x-25.html
  10. Can’t be can they just like knocking a ply one up if you could source the material they use and that.
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