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  1. Hi just wondered wat people think is the best elastic for 12mmm steel balls
  2. Yeh she did I had a bitch out the same litter
  3. How small u rekon is too small
  4. In the winter I mean wat would u say is to small?
  5. Wats the smallest lurcher u have seen kill plenty of rabbits on the lamp ?
  6. Nice little bitch lurcher lad how she bred mate? I like the small ones ATB
  7. Alot of people on here diss collie blood I DNT understand y ? Wat breeds were about before the saluki was introduced?
  8. Do all collie greyhound stalk I've never had one heard good and bad about them but everybreed has good and bad
  9. Nice pup mate how big TTS?
  10. Very good dog fair play to your cousin! Wat lamps do u use ?
  11. It's the same where I live the rabbits just aren't about u got to slip on any rabbit u see u can't pick and choose lol
  12. Was that single handed or when they were runned against eachother ?
  13. I've heard of whippets under 20 inches caught hares pre ban had anyone witnessed this ?
  14. Just wondered how far a whippet could be pushed? Are they just rabbit dogs ? ATB Brian
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