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  1. No I wouldn expect to be ripping now peak way too early be nice to see the difference from summer to winter
  2. Anyway mc u started topic about dogs unfit then ripping let's see urs
  3. Bit early yet for u to get ur dogs out
  4. I just think mc should match everyone on this site
  5. Wat mc saying the more that dnt go the quieter it will be
  6. I think alot of boys r out this year
  7. We can say wat we want act like we want but we won't beat the law in the end
  8. Every year its got harder and harder now I think this new law has got everyone
  9. I like the sound of this cross but it's like anything so hard to get the goodens!
  10. I'm not saying there not out there I'm just saying so hard to get wat u want might take couple of litters
  11. The daytime dogs I have seen in the past wat I rate have been able to smash them on the lamp
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