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  1. It’s a 3/4 pointer 1/4 lab
  2. Young pups bringing through the summer
  3. Is this terrier still for sale tried to messaged you won’tblet me send to you for some reason cheers
  4. I was thinking that first X it's like a pick a mix all shapes and sizes
  5. That's it it'll defo have a job like ! You got pic of her pm if preferred just see what to expect shape wise ? Cheers
  6. It's hundred percent grafting and to a very high standard
  7. Alright lads just booked a pup from a first cross mating Wheaton grey ! Had bull X in my time but just wondering what your lads experiences of this X is and what to expect from it cheers Rory
  8. I would of love to of went got this but distance and not working atm doesn't help
  9. There's few of us most just keep quiet !! ATB
  10. If your looking for a hand with terriers give me a shout I'll help am in central scotland
  11. Perthshire and Aberdeenshire mate ! Cheers for the lead
  12. Perthshire and Aberdeenshire mate ! Cheers for the lead
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