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  1. Thanks mate he’s sire was a 1st cross and dam was a racey 3 quarter he’s no world beater but he’s done everything I’ve asked of him so far
  2. Haven’t got a house and I’m 37 the tree is around 25 so I was here first it’s always been a problem I’ve just inherited the problem
  3. It’s in a town so there’s no way I can cut it down without being found out I need to kill it so it has to be cut down
  4. I have got a tree on the edge of some ground I can’t cut it down but I need to get rid of it does anyone know a way I can kill it without it being obvious I did it any suggestions welcome
  5. Sounds simple enough I been feeding them layers pellets and corn mixed and they been foraging around anything else I could feed them?
  6. Little update I got 4 ducks a Aylesbury duck 2 half Indian runner half wild ducks and a half Indian runner half wild drake I don’t know much about ducks so any tips would be appreciated
  7. I’m buying duck eggs from the farm shop I might as well keep my own I like to see them about the place as well but I can’t find any within a reasonable distance
  8. Hello I am after some ducks for eggs I have had ducks before Indian runners but not for quite a few years now and I’m looking for some ducks for eggs not to far from Berkshire if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated thanks
  9. I'm curious when you say straight lined do you mean that every dog will at some point meet a animal it cannot bend when fresh or that the dog straight lines after a few runs and is already tired
  10. What sort of money would this cost all in realistically?
  11. Bedlington x wippet x kelpie think this is the one only 3 weeks old


    1. General lee

      General lee

      Think you got the wrong person mate nice pup though

    2. Basiltheborder74


      Sorry but thanks anyway 

  12. Thanks she a Lakeland Russel only a busher and ratter but I like having her around
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