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  1. Have I seen these before does he call them rockards or something?
  2. I got a nephew he’s 30 married 2 kids so not a child but he wants to get in to game birds I’ve only got a few laying hens now but he’s asked me if it’s worth having some eggs sent over I’ve never done it so I don’t know just wondering if anyone had any experience of this and if it is worth it any advice would be appreciated thanks atb lee
  3. I remember awhile back a member put a pure greyhound over a bull greyhound bitch I think and I think his username was shady something I can’t remember much not sure if this is right anyway I was wondering if there was any news on the pups any pictures and how they are getting on
  4. So I have been thinking of getting a few laying hens and a cockerel don’t mind what sort just a good dual purpose bird and I can’t believe the price £15 £20 I even see some for £30 for a crossed up laying hen I remember when they was a couple of quid
  5. Having a little clear up and the pup likes the fire
  6. Ever come down Berkshire way mate I wouldn’t mind a walk out with someone
  7. I’m having a bit of trouble with this at the minute trying to break my pup to ducks think I’m getting somewhere look round and he’s got another one early days yet though
  8. introduced him to the other dogs he’s quite forward and seems sensible and settled on the name figg
  9. New pup I picked up last night 3 quarter patterdale 1 quarter jagd 2 month old dog just needs a name
  10. Yeh I have thought about that but most of the ground I work with the busher is close to roads I’m worried with the beagle or spaniel blood it would have a tendency to range out to far
  11. No mate I don’t like I said I’ve never been in to terriers always had one about though I have asked a couple of people I know but they only know of digging dogs and I don’t want a digging dog I’m not asking for a gift just if someone knew of a litter or even something a little older about I know it’s a bad time of year but I’m not desperate for a puppy now I can wait
  12. That is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen what a prat as well screaming like a little girl over a present
  13. Right sorry for the long post but here goes I’m not really a terrier man more in to Lurchers but I’ve always had a terrier about the place just for mooching bushing and a few rats the bitch I have now is a Lakeland Russel she is coming up 11 and just doesn’t have the same energy she used to I won’t get rid of her she is here for life but I’m thinking of getting a new dog in I’m inclined to go for a beddy type or fell type but I wouldn’t be bothered as long as it come from the right stuff even a slightly older dog so my question is is there anything about please?
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