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  1. General lee

    question for bullx

    I'm curious when you say straight lined do you mean that every dog will at some point meet a animal it cannot bend when fresh or that the dog straight lines after a few runs and is already tired
  2. General lee

    Trophy huntress

    What sort of money would this cost all in realistically?
  3. Bedlington x wippet x kelpie think this is the one only 3 weeks old


    1. General lee

      General lee

      Think you got the wrong person mate nice pup though

    2. Basiltheborder74


      Sorry but thanks anyway 

  4. General lee

    Few pics

    Thanks she a Lakeland Russel only a busher and ratter but I like having her around
  5. General lee

    Few pics

    Beddy whippet mate
  6. General lee

    Few pics

    Few pictures of a little walk last night
  7. General lee

    Bucket List Trips

    Yeh that's who it's after I'm really interested in the American civil war especially the confederate side I'm hoping to get to the battle sites one day and I would like to visit Arlington
  8. General lee

    Bucket List Trips

    I enjoyed Nashville my wife and kids didn't so much but I love country music and I really like history and it just had a nice vibe on the Main Street
  9. General lee

    Bucket List Trips

    I did the Disney thing winter before last flew to Tennessee spent a few days in Nashville then drove down through Georgia to Florida spent 10 days there took the kids to Disney they loved it but I also got to drive around and see some other parts some really nice places we plan to go back when the new baby is bigger there's more to Florida than Disney
  10. General lee

    Bavarian Mountain Hound x Irish Staff

    Any more info or pictures on these puppies?
  11. General lee

    Isis Too Much Even For Bin Laden

    I wouldn't defend him but he did say stop blaming for everything that happens. You are defending him. You're trying to find something good in a piece of shit terrorist. I don't care what he didn't do. i care what he did and it's nice to think he's dead. I am defending in regards to 9\11 and always will and he was never brought to court and judge and there are claim he died in 2001 and when they say they killed couple years ago and threw his body in the sea they never showed us his face they never brought him to the world. He said it my leader in Taliban , he doesn't use alqaida, they don't allow me to commit such acts outside He's with Taliban and Taliban kill innocent Muslim in Afghanistan and they do suicide bombing and that is what makes him a terrorist but overseas attacks I don't know bout that there are no strong proofs and he denied it axum, what do you think about Donald trump becoming head of the usa?He's trying protect his country and improve economy I like how he made ford change their mind bout building factory in mexico. I love America and all Americans I love Texas and their life and wish I lived there so I hope he does good for the country but in regards to treatment to Palestine issue he sided with Israel so I don't like him for that and he's harsh with treatment to Muslim makes me scared to visit USA I like his attitude though and he's for America which is good and he's a realist . He's good for America. I like America more then Russia I like American constitution I wish it would be constitution for the whole world ,I like it a lot. I believe secular gov to America is good role model. What a load of rubbish DB on here sticks to his guns I don't really like him but he says what he believes you on the other hand lie you tell us what you think we want to near and then contradict it you post things like this just to cause a argument then you agree with everyone your a slimy weasel of a man
  12. General lee

    Isis Too Much Even For Bin Laden

    Axum you must be one of the craftiest slyest people on this forum
  13. General lee

    Nice Pups

    Really nice dogs mate i like to see a line of dogs come out so similar really makes a yard look good
  14. General lee

    Who Would Win?

    I dont say so..... 99% of people who have ever been in or around a combat sport do. Anyway f**k all that the lawnmower/sheep scenario is a much fairer contest my moneys on the sheep nature over technology all day long. I can't even remember what you said now and I can't be bothered to go back and find it