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  1. It’s a joke every time there’s a thread worth reading it gets ruined and locked
  2. Thank you I will have a look for it
  3. What was that called? I’m interested in the galloglass but don’t see much about them
  4. General lee


    Can’t see anything
  5. Good this should be standard all over the world
  6. He has mate yeh he’s a lot solider than he looks in them pictures called him fig in the end
  7. 11 month old now showing plenty of interest follows a scent well caught a few pheasants by accident he’s got the jagd high pitched voice when he’s behind something though but he’s quite sensible and I’m happy with him
  8. I don’t really understand people’s views on the trials they don’t seem dissimilar to what the Europeans are doing with the Jagds artificial earths to a badger under rules you get a certificate now almost everyone says that is rubbish doesn’t count for anything but when it’s the trials it’s the best thing ever is it rose tinted spectacles looking at the past it is one genuinely better than the other again I’m not knocking the trials I’m sure they were a good day out and a test and I would be a them if they were on today but I genuinely can’t see much of a difference
  9. Are we talking Lennox Lewis? Because if we are he’s not in the same league as Ali to stiff one demensional and no footwork Ali and fury would have no problem with Lennox Lewis
  10. Yes I think I remember now mastiff type heads I think I read before
  11. I don’t know what would be harder for the dog as I haven’t been to the trials my point was it’s different also I’m pretty sure the EBT of today is of a better standard than most I’ve seen at the trials
  12. I think that’s a different ball game to be honest mate nothing against the trials but six minutes at a badger and finding catching and holding a 100 kilo pig 3 times in a row is not the same
  13. Just curious how do anyone know they are taking dogs for fighting? And I’m pretty sure your average dog of the street isn’t going to put up much of a show
  14. I’d like to have been a plantation owner in the southern states between the revolutionary war and the civil war or southern England around the early 1700s
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