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  1. Watched that video of Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington street where all them poor b*****ds are just homeless and f****d up in the country that's supposed to be the most civilised on the plant. What makes it more sad, mental, whatever you want to call it, is the U.S.A. has just announced it is going to spend $778 billion, with a B, on its next military budget. $740 billion of that is going to the Pentagon. Once it's in the Pentagon it's totally unaccountable. The Pentagon has already got, now get this, $21 trillion missing, yes trillion with a T. Holding U.S. Treasurys?
  2. Watched that 'Don't look up' with Leonardo DeCaprio. Didn't know nothing about it. It was so crazy it could actually happen. Would recommend it.
  3. If anyone knows about the vaccine it's Dr Robert Malone. Here he is on GBN 18th Dec. Some people are saying he is NOT the inventor of the vaccine, but he is. If you look on Google Scholar, link below, you'll see all his citations and it states he is the inventor, if he wasn't the inventor Google Scholar's fact checker would have removed the claim. He also has approximately 100 peer reviewed papers, publications and abstracts. He has been an invited speaker to over 50 conferences, has chaired numerous conferences and he has sat on or served as chairperson on numerous NIAD ( Natio
  4. Mate said ''Watch 'NOBODY' ''. I said what's it about and he said ''Just watch it''. So I did and it was good. If you haven't seen it and don't know any thing about it give it a watch. It's by the same people that made 'John Wick'. Nobody WWW.IMDB.COM Trailer 2
  5. Went out to clear a fallen tree today and had to take some webbing straps off the back of the pick up. I found 12 Queens all very still and in hibernation on and under the straps. Put them all in a bucket with some dried leaves in and covered them with the same. They are under cover now so hopefully they'll make it to next year and build some nests. One of these Queens could be a pay check for me next year.
  6. I had a f****d up rotor cuff and was in a lot of pain. Could only raise my arm half way up straight out. Was going to have cortisone injections as advised by the Dr. Then I was around this sports injury specialist place dropping something off and I mentioned how bad I was and that I was going to be injected. He had me in, shirt off, laid down, lots of manipulation of my back and neck and , bosh, I could raise my arm right up, couldn't believe it. This is him https://www.garrytoms.com/
  7. Watched American Gangster....It was one of those films that I just wanted to be over....
  8. Baikal .410 Hushpower. When shooting up it's nice and quiet. My ears don't like loud noises anymore.
  9. Stick cardboard/paper targets to a metal road sign with a magnet in each corner. When the sign's peppered scrap it and use another.
  10. 3 plum trees in me garden, plums all over the floor rotting and not a wasp in sight. We is waspless in Somerset.
  11. Some on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=squirrel+feeder+dimentions
  12. Went from J24 on the M5, Bridgwater, to J30 on the M5, Exeter, and counted 26 dead squirrels. Saw shit loads more coming back but didn't keep count. Squirrels defo need a 'Green Cross Code'.
  13. Get a length of 6'' pipe about 2 foot long. Set it up so you could shoot through it. Then bait the pipe. The rats will feel comfortable in the pipe and be more likely to sit and eat. Might have to leave it there a while before they get used to it. Pallets are also a good for the same reason.
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