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  1. Yes, really bad experience in my previous role, person below me wanted my job, and would of done anything to get it, this included lies, going out of her way to be awkward, and phone calls to the grant giving organisation! A very toxic atmosphere and a very unpleasant person. Thankfully i got a new job, and i genuinely like my work colleagues, blimey what a difference!
  2. Aled

    Cornwall trip

    I would argue that that is the responsible thing to do.....hope you made up for after you ditched the car later that evening?
  3. Nice one all. Carrots have done badly this year. French Beans have gone well, potatoes and beetroot have been good, Onions i would class as OK, but not wow. Some of tomatoes have at last started to redden, will be eating the first ones this week. Cheers. Aled
  4. Aled

    Cornwall trip

    Marking thread to read in detail later, visiting Cornwall later this summer.
  5. Nigella Lawson one dish chicken dinner with all veg home grown. Eating self caught trout with home grown spuds tomorrow!
  6. I grew those last year Micky, the seed packet i had was called Black Russian.
  7. Decided on an al fresco cooked carbohydrate free supper, steak, peppers, tomato's, mushrooms and home grown onions.
  8. As an aside, a bass has just been caught "up river" on the Tywi in West Wales yesterday!
  9. Blimey thats interesting, fished some of those Devon rivers mentioned back in the early 90's whilst at Plymouth Poly. Great fishing. So time to hang up the salmon and sea trout flies, and try for Bass on the fly...its great fun and the don't half hit the fly when they take!
  10. Managed first sea trout of the season on Saturday night, about 2.5lb, also lost a salmon of about 8lb, on fly before dark.
  11. Sunday Lunch with home grown potatoes.
  12. Dytkos, now that looks more like a Ploughmans lunch, which in my opinion does not count as salad.
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