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Found 21 results

  1. Much to my chagrin, KORO's rodent trap is being redesigned. A video, on KORO's facebook page, demonstrates the new design. A larger pan and trigger that actually stays in one place. Well, worth the time to track down. KORO TRAPS Cooks Creek, MB - looks as if they might have looked at negative feedback in this forum. Who's to say.
  2. Elgeeco's Procull humane dispatch squirrel trap...Britain's best kept secret on the war against invasive Eastern Gray Squirrel.
  3. I have two used heavy duty fox traps. Fold flat which makes for easy carriage and storage. Single Entry with bait hook. Size - Length 1200mm, Width 500mm, Height 550mm. Collection from Bedfordshire or could arrange for collection from Welwyn, Hertfordshire address. Looking for £60 each.
  4. Stop paying for termite control services that only say they will fix your termite problem but don’t really put in the effort to do that. You must get a company that values your home and values the work that they do for you. Your termite control service does a lot to keep your home free from those unwanted pests that are eating away at the structural integrity of your home. Remember that termites eat wood and because of the fact the there are so many old wooden houses in the Bay Area, you would find it hard to get past a couple of years without a pretty big termite problem on your hands.
  5. Ouell has risen the bar. 411 is equally effective in the destruction of grey squirrels, weasels, stoats, rats and similar vermin. Strong construction, galvanized, very light and easy to set. It will kill outright. Officially approved... Certifié Québec. If approved by UK standards, 411 would compete against Kania 2000 and Elgeeco's Procull in reducing the UK's grey squirrel population.
  6. Hello all, I have a small farm where I control the rats with traps and poison. I have now been caught by the legislation restricting sales of large quantities/cut wheat bait rat poison to qualified people. I had a stock bought before the new regs that has now run out and we are not "farm assured". Contacting my local agricultural college they advised that the most suitable short course they run is the "city and guilds, NTPC, Level 2 award in the safe use of pesticides for vertebrate pest control of rats and mice" to allow me to carry on controlling rats with poison. Reading the course details I see I am supposed to bring suitable PPE. I have contacted someone in the college offices to find out what that is but unfortunately they were a bit vague. I think it means Wellingtons, a disposable coverall and a facesheild. Could someone please advised to any more detailed specification please? Many thanks.
  7. Afternoon All Was looking at possibly buying one over an Exodus due to prices etc, just wondering if anyone has used the SX and if they are just as good as the Exodus. Would rather fork out £280 for a machine that does the same as an Exodus which costs £600 odd. Cheers and have a nice weekend Mac
  8. As always Matt's talking sence! Another point is that without proper training you can not get business insurance, if you make a balls up in this game and not insured they will crucify you. There's loads of part time chancers out there saying they are insured through basc or such like but they aren't as it's not for profit or gain.
  9. There are alot of designs but wonderd what you guys think is best, stone tunnel? In a wall? Mesh tunnel? Wooden tunnel? Double entrance ? Single entrance? Whats best guys???
  10. Need as much advice as you can throw at me for live cage trapping foxes.
  11. Im setting out some fox snares..ive found runs used by foxes and gatherd alot of advice from recent snaring articles...just want to know the laws...the do's and donts. Thanks
  12. I have been doing a minimum amount of work around the pheasant shoot pens over the past few weeks allowing me to get used to the surroundings and know the pen alot better. In the process of building shelters for the arrival of some new pheasant chicks I stumbled upon 2 holes in the ground (like mole tunnels). 1 is just in a little dip on the ground and one is going into the floor next to a rock. These both are a good mile away from eachother. I dont know weather they are Stoats, Rats or Weasels but they need dealing with. I was wondering weather to smoke the holes out but as i can only find one the pest may escape. One of the game keepers suggested putting Fenn Traps outside the entrance BUT i dont know weather the nests are active and as i only know where one entrance on both nests are i am stumpt. The chicks are due soon and i need to sort this out. ANY SUGGESTIONS TO MY SITUATION WILL BE TAKEN MOST GRATEFULLY. Thanks. peter
  13. i have recently been asked by quite a few farmers that i have permission off if i control starlings. due to the new tub mixers for feed, all the feed comes loose so the starlings are having a good feast on the farmers expense. they have tried to protect it with netting around the sheds but they manage to find a way in. Are starlings on the pest list in wales? i have looked up previous posts but they are all a couple of years old and don't really say much about wales just england and scotland. thanks
  14. Hey folks, Can i get some advice off you please, could you please tell me the best or what you would recomend gloves for handling live foxes in traps/snairs, i know its a little strange but a lad who works with me is trying to trap a fox with mange to take it to the vet, i know i thought the same but am trying to help the lad lol Thank you in advance
  15. come on guys n girls a bit of fun whats your record catch in a season? i know this is gonna show some very big numbers from some of you agricultural mole catchers of present or past,honesty please,its gonna be multiple thousands we know but please say of you best season even if very small.dont be shy,i expect some beginers to be shocked and even disbelieve some figures, my catch is small compared to most agri trappers lets say 1500 modestly for myself to start it off over many jobs,so come on king mole who are you!
  16. nice to see these punks i caught a few colours over the years anyone worked out the cause?there not exactly common i thought fertilizers but not sure,anyone got a theory or know?
  17. Hi all I have recently changes websites. Seems to have paid off as im getting more work from it compared to my old site! Would appreciate any comments about the site! preferable positive comments lol I've built it myself so go easy! Heres the link DKG Pest Control Wokingham
  18. Hi We've hear noises in our loft for the last few weeks, and I started off using bait and recently switched to traps to get rid of them quicker. After the first night of putting down 1 rat trap, I got this guy (which looks like a large mouse?). But it thought it could also be a small rat, what do you guys think? (it's about 2-3 inches long, and that's a rat trap) Since then, I've re-set the rat trap and placed 3 mouse traps in the loft but haven't caught anything (in 5 days). Been using peanut butter and chocolate spread.
  19. I am a smallholder. Sometimes I use poison against rats. Occasionally I have noticed the poison had been covered up with dead leaves and things. Most recently my elderly neighbour was worried about a rat in her greenhouse and asked for help. I used poison as I have a lockable bait box and she has grandchildren. The next day the 90 degree turn from the tunnel through the box to the poison chamber was stuffed with leaves. She said no-one had been near it and her grandchildren had not visited. On another occasion I was putting poison down in an open dish in a secure garage. The poison had been going down daily and I had been topping it up. Then one day the poison stopped going down and a layer of leaves and twigs appeared over the poison. The next day the same. Have other people had similar experiences? What is going on?
  20. What are the pest control ind doing their trying to destroy the industry by crap. You pay for this you pay for that where they not already covered. ( yes but we need more money ) come on time to expell the sales companys and get the time served like you lot what you all think
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