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  1. Them dogs look bomb proof mate real nice type atb tony
  2. Like the look of them at nice dogs atb mate
  3. Ha great stuff if you cross the road first field there is a tunnel under rail way line go through there plenty to go at on the lamp good windy night and a fit dog it's a good spot for a few nights during the winter
  4. I no that place well mate had some good sport on the lamp over the years
  5. Just sounds like us mate totally relate to your post good times
  6. TonyOrmy


    Seen one the other day with a good size rat flying with it hanging out of its gob
  7. 35 years ago I had seen and been out glamping with this cross and all 3 plus 1 which I owned till some dirt pinched her were all decent animals although from total different parents and ages they all seemed so true to type and could put proper shifts and so my experience with them I never seen a bad one very easy to bring on and up for anything that moved in the beam
  8. Worst thing you done was sign you're name I reckon they called you're bluff and you took the bait that's all they need is a signature and the poor dog I am afraid if it was mine they would have to do more than lock me up
  9. Lovely dog darbo has a cracker atb tony
  10. Sounds like a little whippet x terrier would tick all your needs mate a bit bigger than terrier but with a racey build atb tony
  11. I still enjoy doing it but like said only certain spots have had some good results many a time I've gone out for a couple of hours and got carried away
  12. If you need a extra man and 2 more dogs I will jump on board atb tony
  13. Same happened to my dog years ago had get the eye taken out and sewn didn't effect her working ability though
  14. I wish l was 10 years younger cracker pups them mate atbtony
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