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  1. Hi mate fine looking pack you have especially one with white socks I call them.See the reason I want pure beddy for hunting compared to springer x for example is I find a good beddy trails direct from first second it picks up scent no back tracking or coming out of bushes thinking it’s flushed all hyper a good working beddy will flush trail out exactly we’re prey left cover yet still be as fast as springer or springer x through cover just my opinion on what I’ve seen cheers
  2. Cheers mate for your feedback. I was out today for a mooch with my brothers two droppers and beddy bitch.She only been out hunting few times but today it’s like someone switched on the lights she hunted like a demon winged the place down when close to rabbits bolted a couple and to top it of rose 3 deer happy days hopefully she keeps going
  3. Nice looking dog looks very strong made try put up few picks of my bitch
  4. Cheers mate for the advice have you any pics of your dogs as I’d love to see if they show more beddy looks definitely think I’ll go down that line of breeding after the advice of yourself and others.Thanks again
  5. I’ve heard great stories about this breed have had few beddy greyhound x very reliable lamping dogs also good noses aswell.Would beddy whippet flush rabbits from brambles or higher cover like May bush.Or would they bark after quarry when bushing just curious cheers.
  6. Cheers mate for the info this is only my second beddy first one was a dog gifted to me by my uncle he looked real placid or weak at first impression.As I had never seen one in person before but after getting him going bushing on rabbits I couldn’t believe how determined and quick to trail he was.By the end of that summer he started to hunt foxes soon enough he was putting decent size cubs for a young dog to ground and no problem finishing the job even went for the tougher lads and stayed till dug but have yet to see one as hard over here.Was thinking of breeding my beddy bitch with mates 11 y
  7. Thanks mate the red dog is Saluki hound back to coursing hound great all rounder hard enough for Charlie’s no problem black bitch is dam beddy/whippet/hound sire Merle bull hound 13 months bit small but game patterdale is 18 months first dig in pics game wee bitch thanks
  8. Thanks for your feedback much appreciated I too find this breed as an under valued terrier of the modern time. I have seen two beddys hunt cover after foxes single handed and both would put immense pressure on fox if cover wasn’t vast the only fault I could find say compared to a beagle was one would bark the place down the other would never give tongue no matter how close have you ever found this to be a problem with beddys plus they seem to be rather shy or slightly nervous
  9. Beddys are far superior than patterdale or Lakeland to hunt cover in my opinion.But for underground patterdale are more harder dog in this regard. I’ve only ever owned two beddys one which would dig anything no problem if he could reach its quarry.The other I have at the moment she is a year old so time will tell. I have seen a few other beddys hunt and think there marvelous hunters none of them went to ground though.But for flushing from cover there better than any breed of terrier I ever seen.
  10. Hi all I am new to this site from across the water Eire. I decided some months ago to buy a pure bedlington pup for bushing rabbits and foxes as I had seen one work cover and was very impressed has anyone any experience working this breed if so if you could give me advice or thoughts weather good or bad I’d appreciate it thanks.
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