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  1. Some men have no respect at al.id cut my loses too seen as you got bitch back.same sort of thing happened me 12 or 14 years ago,a fella I was digging with at the time offerd to take on 2 pups I had bought for few months because I was moveing house at the time but he told me 2 pups died but I found out he sold both them.lesson learned(the hard way)
  2. pjmc

    Hound Pack Pictures

    Yea that dog at the tailgate caught my eye.nice well made looking pair.best of luck with them who knows what way they will turn out this year for you
  3. Done a German wirehaired pointer of mine this year a sheep dog got at her.he charged me 40 euros and had no problems
  4. pjmc

    View From Your Swim

    Lovely bream.great to see that time of year around again for some pre baiting.
  5. pjmc

    Using a dog like a ferret?

    Ha ha your not asking for much are you
  6. pjmc

    Fox terrier

    In fairness id say your right and there not young lads either.they wouldn't be long about distroying few burrows that they wouldn't hold again
  7. pjmc

    Fox terrier

    Ha ha and these boys make a video of this crack liam
  8. pjmc

    Fox terrier

    Handy boys at digging a burrow ha ha
  9. pjmc

    Terrier mistakes

    Seasons over seen as he has being a good digging dog apart from these few mistakes,if he was mine id let him lie for the summer but early next season id try him hard and make no excuses for him but hopefully all will come good again
  10. pjmc

    Rescue dogs

    Know a guy got talked into taken a Russel by his wife,her sister had it for years it slept inside on her knee all day,so he took it on and tried it one day and it went to ground straight away and worked fox like a pro.he had many years hunting with her but sadly lost her 2 ground because of a failed collar.he spent days and nights at the burrow but she never returned
  11. pjmc

    First season dogs

    U ever come across a young dog mad barking on scent.it happened good few times this year with that young bitch I started.she no sooner entered till she would start and go around the hole barking but no one home?
  12. pjmc

    First season dogs

    Reared a pair of fellxpatterdale pups last year and started them this year,I had the wee bitch and she was mad for work and my mate had the dog who wasn't just as keen but he has about 3 or 4 digs over him but i showed her a fair bit this year for a 1st season dog because she was so keen and could handle herself very well.so wer happy with the pair and they both have earned there kennel space till next year
  13. pjmc

    Season finished

    We had guys come in on the lamp before Christmas they shot 68 foxes in a month,I hunt with a horse pack some Saturdays and there on foot then on Sundays im with them every weekend and each day there was few foxes run in for us even up to 8 and 9 foxes some days but when the guys on lamp had done all they could the hound lads were hitting no foxes,we went 3 Sundays in a row blanc so we moved away from the lads to start walking holes in different area.it has left it a disaster
  14. pjmc

    Season finished

    17th March (paddys day) usually wrapes it up for us,anything dug this last 2weekends and up on till the 17th are let run
  15. pjmc

    New bed for pups

    Bit of a squeze that there