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  1. Same chap on the TVs other night said that the Hunting ban has lead to a massive decline in rural foxes ( due in part to the shooting of them I assume) and that the shooting of foxes has a 50% wounding rate. How the hell he can know that is beyond me. It remains to be seen what this groups motives are and I will reserve my judgement for now.
  2. My wife and I are not into football at all, but we are both avid watchers of women's football (especially my wife, unbelievably as she as never ever watched a mans football match in her life.) Enjoyed watching the recording of today's England and Oz match. Cracking game and played with great enthusiasm by all involved and of course well won by the Lionesses. Expecting them to do well in the final.
  3. Certainly a couple of great days to remember, well done,given the opportunity I doubt my body would cope very well.
  4. I know it was a while ago, but that is a good offer for someone local to you ED. Well done.
  5. I have one. A 3"magnum 28" multi-choke o/u. with single selective trigger. There is a gun shop in Spain ( I found after lots of Googling and emails) who bought all the spares when manufacturer went bust who sent me a spares list and diagram for mine. Did all that I asked of it (without slapping the butt ?) have not used it since I got my Winchester SX3.
  6. Fishing waders cut off above the knees.
  7. B&Q, about £25, get the key type and not the digital.
  8. On one of my perms I haven't seen a rabbit for 3 months (don't do night time),too much rain I suspect.Went out yesterday in the new snow and found several areas with rabbit tracks for next time. Only went for a mooch and some fresh air,but thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the previous nights activity of Badger (everywhere),fox,rabbits and pheasant + the local cat.
  9. Recently got my first rimfire,CZ 452 American.Made up with it,christened it. (after zeroing and practice) with two rabbits at 100 yards and three woodies at 115 yards.(not a range I would normally shoot at but these where 5 consecutive shots within a known range) No experience of any others but can,t ask for much more than that.
  10. Still for sale,will post at cost..
  11. Taken with a pinch of salt, but otherwise a good video albeit edited heavily or am I mistaken? Print screen pic when rabbits first seen (8-43)and compare with print screen pic when stalk finished (9-58) neither rabbits position has moved by one inch in my estimation. My question is at what range was the shot taken?
  12. Selling my Air Arms S400 Carbine R/H in .22 cal with unmarked beech stock . Comes with Nikko Sterling 4- 12 x 50 IR,AO Mil dot scope/mounts and Air Arms moderator + sling studs.A/T removed for servicing only. All in excellent condition and working as you would expect from this highly thought of air rifle. Reluctant sale but just gone FAC/SG and so not using. Face to face sale wanted. Pictures available if required, just ask please. Will accept £350 and include sling & gun slip. NOW SOLD
  13. I have a mint S400 carbine in .22 cal with scope and mod pics link is: http://s1124.photobu...Goodshot2/S400/ Now sold
  14. Did you get fixed up? I have an immaculate S400 + scope and mod in .22 cal.
  15. What make is silencer and what type/size is adapter and any pics?
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