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  1. Two crows the two dogs are not mine the grey is my mates and the beddy is someone I know and the questions have been answered I just wanted to hear everyone else input and opinon on the breed and what there outcomes have been with the cross I already have a beddy whippet grey and know a lot about them I just wanted to see a few pics of some beddy greys first cross and peoples opinions like I said no need to be a funny mate
  2. Are they bitches mate and the beddy is out of George newcombes stuff back to the old granitor lines good working beddy and the greyhound was a good racing bitch she had an injury and is out now though and all the pups will be spoke for so I'm not looking to sell any pups just not had a first cross beddy grey my self and was wondering what sizes the bitches and dogs would be
  3. Just wondering on peoples opinions on bedlington greyhounds FIRST CROSS? and if you have any pictures of any first x just lined a greyhound bitch with a good bedlington dog and wondering what to expect from them cheers
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