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    Ferreting lamping with lurchers fishing for trout and salmon shoot the odd fox 17hmr.

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  1. Fly The Boy

    Donk boards

    Beat the hedge with spade few times when using longnets, rabbits will sit in cover this time year.
  2. Fly The Boy

    I didn’t realise retards like this exist 😡

    Ginger very low you twisted b*****d.
  3. Any one making 10 or 12z 3 foot 6 nylon purse nets with a small full mesh size, rabbits on the small size my neck of the woods, getting through 4 and 1/4 full mesh spun poly, does the 10 or 12z have much stretch.
  4. Dirty sick ebastardspedo should be hung,pope coming over looking for his hand kissed pedo.
  5. Fly The Boy

    Knockerbox Repairs

    Nice man to deal with Jim, fixed 3 finders for me got lot collars keep me going years, Thanks JIM Rest in Piece Condolences to Family
  6. Fly The Boy

    Barnesmore whippets

    https://www.donedeal.ie/dogs-for-sale/whippet-pups-kc-registered-champion-bl-8-weeks/19310455 Some Barnsmore in these.
  7. Fly The Boy

    World Cup 2018

    Fans will wreck Russia now.
  8. Fly The Boy


    Condolences to Alans family, shocked when I Read about his dead, will really miss his posts very knowledgeable anything to do with longnets, Rest in peace Alan.
  9. Fly The Boy


    Do you shop in Aldi or Lidl..
  10. Fly The Boy

    2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Commenting about Eddie monkey Jones who referred to Irish people as scummy Irish......
  11. Fly The Boy

    2018 RBS six nations pinned thread

    Great win Ireland only sobering up now great celebration yesterday, Eddie Jones you f***ing gimp hope you lose your job, have seen better looking monkeys....
  12. Fly The Boy

    Tangled long nets

    Love untangling stuff and i never give up..
  13. Fly The Boy

    Stephen Hawking

    RIP Mr Hawking
  14. Fly The Boy

    Stephen Hawking

  15. Fly The Boy

    He hung on in there fair play

    What age was he looked young enough