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  1. Did he kill it with a lurcher tho because if not it's the rong section and should be posted on cooking on the wild side. Cheers
  2. Hope the whippet works out for you pal
  3. I think you used to live close to me if im not mistaken so there's only enough stuff for the odd run now and everything wised up in most places so have to travel
  4. My old saluki x was a good dog on the ruff ground would run all types of places up dales cathing gear easily. Get him on the flat land ferreting the hedgerows and then not so good . Used to annoy me sometimes the way he ran but thinking back still put loads of stuff away with that dog
  5. Nice dogs and nice land you walk mate. Weather your young or old you still need to be fit to walk around on that terrain all day. Atd
  6. Was just wandering what's the furthest you lads travel for just one night's lamping ?
  7. That's what it says on the bag can't see nowt about calories . Not in English anyway
  8. All the years I've been running lurchers and never had one under 24". Think next dog will be off similar type to yours
  9. I think its a glorifyd donkey collar
  10. Surely it means 5 miles . Unless its for a blind man with a lurcher
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