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  1. And how the f**k would you know this ?
  2. Greengrass

    Advice needed on old prints

    As above, can't upload photos on here for some reason but can send via text . I,m looking for advice on two old prints I have any help would be great.
  3. Greengrass

    House deeds n pigeons

    It depends on your local council I think but also if you can get permission from your two neighbours on either side you should be ok, to be honest it won't matter if your keeping three pair or thirty three pair, but like I said getting your neighbours assurance that they don't or won't mind is a huge plus
  4. Greengrass

    Lol...theres NOT a surprise

    We should all thank our lucky stars when we consider how close Johnson came to getting elected prime minister, now if that is,nt a sobering fact nothing is.
  5. Greengrass

    The Russians

    Once again we are going to be proven to be the soft touch of Europe, and as for that c**t whoever he was saying that we should withdraw from the World Cup in protest...I,m honestly lost for words
  6. Greengrass

    The Russians

    I,ve just read londongrad, the Russians are here and here to stay,
  7. Greengrass

    Another school shooting in America

    Apologies Stiff I have re read again ,my replies were completely wrong . Hope you can accept I was miles off the mark
  8. Greengrass

    Another school shooting in America

    No its f****n not where you there clown ?
  9. Greengrass

    Another school shooting in America

    Read it again Wilf, just don't see why say or mention the IRA ?
  10. Greengrass

    Another school shooting in America

    The IRA cut down two soldiers in Afghanistan...really ? Get off the f***ing smoke
  11. Greengrass

    Hugh Heffner.

    Top shagger
  12. Greengrass

    Not The Last Bullfight

    Firstly great your mate is doing well and will hopefully come through this no bother, on the bull fighting side of things I picked up a book while on holiday by a young English lad who wanted to know what made guys go into the ring with these magnificent animals , very vague I know but it won one of the sports books of the year awards. Oh and by the way it had a yellow cover if your looking for it on flea bay lol.
  13. Greengrass

    John Bishop

    Bishop has to be the worst out there with his over exaggerated scouse accent, I don,t think I,ve ever laughed at one of his so called jokes.
  14. Greengrass

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Is Parker a kiwi ?