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  1. Taking photos of your restaurant bill alongside a few notes and change And this is proving exactly what ?
  2. I'll tell you what there's some amount of experts on the "ra" contributing to this thread
  3. No he wasn't , the Brazilian cracked him with his helmet and THEN the other lad got involved
  4. I tried pm'ing you man dog , it says you can't accept messages ?
  5. Underground city JOK ? , it's a few old tunnels and dungeons imo
  6. That's right bud was the wee terriers name, I think h is relationship broke up and he got out the dogs for a while, seemed a decent enough fella in any dealings we had with him
  7. Aye W bud owned zues although I think it might have been kept at a mates house, I had a dog out of Lucy back in the day myself , he had a cracking wee black terrier type too that was supposed to be a good worker not sure what dogs he has now though
  8. The Zeus stuff did have one of the scotsmans dogs very close up in its breeding though?
  9. It was not Scotsman that had Zeus mate it was bud9 that used to also come on here, the lad from the borders bred some cracking dogs from Zeus, and worked them plenty. It certainly wasn't about the money with bud9
  10. Street Valium absolutely brutal up here, and yet people desperate for their fix keep taking them as said earlier it's is like Russian roulette , deaths every day up here from them.
  11. Great channel it has been for years
  12. They look like cross breed dogs to me, not sure what cross though
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