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  1. Thank you for all the replies. I couldn’t get them from their roosting tree as they go too high up What I did do was to make a small holding pen from pallets and some doors. Then by some miracle, I caught a couple when they wandered into the duck run. Curiousity was the downfall of the remaining birds as they went to see their captive friends and I got them with the fishing net. They are now all together in a proper house
  2. Hello i have some Oxford Game birds that have gone wild They are emptying themselves on a neighbour’s path so I need to contain them. i caught some by cornering them and using a fishing net but the remaining ones are too wise now I have a Larsen trap but I am only getting Jackdaws with that. what other methods can I use before I just shoot them thank you
  3. Thank you I was thinking for hens not wild birds but this might explain why the idea hasn’t gone anywhere
  4. Hello I read on a smallholders forum that if you mix chilli oil with bird seed it makes it rat proof. Has anyone here tried it? Apparently birds don’t have the capability to taste and suffer from chillis but rats and mammals do.
  5. I only buy the magazines occasionally and I had noticed that the articles are hard to read. i thought it must be some trend. they seem to also have disproportionate pictures to text. Given that the forums are so active, there are lots of subjects they can take and embellish, so I don’t see why they are stagnating so much. i don’t think they are really giving their audience enough substance
  6. They both look like portable ironing boards, but what a good idea. i have been trying to knock up something myself as I prefer to make life hard for myself. Would be nice if you could build in some height adjustments
  7. I happened upon this site. It is dedicated to this kind of topic. They even have a book about it. Loads of info on here. http://tlio.org.uk/rural-planning-handbook/
  8. This may have been the culprit. Caught in a trap
  9. In progress. There is already wire mesh down that is cable tied to the lower bar. The grass has grown through so it doesn’t show. I will put more pictures up as I progress. Thank you for the comments
  10. Lost 2 birds on Saturday night. One was in a nest in some thistles outside the run which is fair enough, natural selection. The other was grabbed and pulled through the bars. Then last night, two hens. One jammed in the bars, as if it was being dragged through and got jammed, the other, dead on the inside of the cage but next to the bars. The run is 30 foot by 12 foot, has a chicken wire roof and sheep netting pinned flat around the ground that starts inside the runnsnd soreads outside there is no sign of entry to the run.
  11. I was more commenting on the ‘under arm, pump up action’ on this Weihrauch
  12. Freeads geniuses https://www.freeads.co.uk/uk/buy-sell/leisure-hobbies/hunting-sporting-equipment/guns/air-guns-rifles/35622246/weihrach/view#.XRh0Xiso_YU
  13. Hi it gets the moisture out. if you were doing standard bacon, you would take it from the brine, dry it off, then refrigerate it for another week before slicing and serving. 4 and 5 year old ham isn’t unusual. the Italians keep theirs in caves rather than a West Yorkshire bedroom.
  14. Hello I used the top of leg joint (buttock). Injected brine then sealed in a loose fitting poly bag in a brine solution for 3 weeks in the fridge. Rinsed off then patted dry. As dry as you can get it. Then wrapped in muslin and hung up in my spare room. Then when guests came to stay, I moved it into the loft. The oldest piece is 3 years, the youngest 2 years. Don’t worry too much about any mould on the outside, it is the smell and moisture that will tell you if it has gone off. Dry = good, wet and smelly = you have problems.
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