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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg7YfGN01eI&feature=youtu.be
  2. I haven't seen any terrier crosses that opened on track.
  3. Mine is a Jagdterrier x Whippet. One of the nicest dogs I've ever had. I sold him because he didn't tree and much of our game is tree game (coons, squirrels, bobcat , grey fox, bear). I was so impressed with him, I'm making a similar cross this Spring. I'm using a great all around Jagdterrier that is a great locating tree dog, retrieves, is a very good track dog and plenty hard. I'll be putting that dog over a fast, smart and very well built staghound female. I think I could use the size, but it's the natural tree dog that I'm really after. I'll post some pics. and stories when the time
  4. Greyhound racing USED TO be big in the states. Now there are a handful of tracks left. We used to have two tracks here in Wisconsin...all gone. Once in a while I go to a staghound race/sale in Nebraska and the greyhound folks used to pull in with big trucks full of dogs to sell. I don't even know if there are more than a dozen for sale there anymore. The economy during Obamy's two terms took care of a lot of that. Same goes for G. W. Bush and the big market crash of 2008. The anti's are responsible for the rest. There are to many fur moms out there with their big mouths flapping all of
  5. I'm right with you on that. I do my own work and I wouldn't be walking upright if I didn't have a good handle on how to move my bones around. I had a nasty fall in highschool and have needed a good back and neck adjustment nearly every day since. It keeps me moving well and if I can keep off of to much sugar, I don't need it much any more. Maybe twice a day keeps me limber now. For about a decade, I had to adjust my spine around 10 to 20 times a day. For about 5 years I could not run or sit in one place for more than 20 mins. I'm good to go now. It's odd that there isn't much aroun
  6. I'm no newcomer to the dog world but we don't have them here that I've ever heard of. I know several people that do this for horses. I do know a few folks that race quite a bit down south but all of the dog tracks are gone in the North. I'll ask around and see if I've been missing this. I'll report back.
  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that a bone man is skilled at mending broken bones and all. What I'm curious about is what sets this guy apart from a doctor or veterinarian. Is it some set of skills handed down by families or something else?
  8. I got you all now. My lurchers don't make a sound on track. Not even the whippet x Jagdterrier male. I do have a stag x july hound that will open some but only when he's looking at a coyote on the run and only if he's having to give it everything he's got and he's still not catching. Once in a while there'll be a coyote around here that has some real speed and just can't be caught. As far as making a lurcher that trees, I would prefer that it be silent on track. I'm going to sell off all of my lurchers that don't tree shortly. The exception will be my first stag x BC pair. Those I'
  9. What do you mea by "on a line". I took that to mean when they are on the chain at home.
  10. Oddly enough, my Leopard Hounds don't sing.
  11. All of my lurchers and stags sign a couple of times a day and a couple of times night. I like it but the wife could do without the night time serenades.
  12. Chief is still kicking, I can give you his phone number if you want. That's not his real name if you haven't already guessed. He's a little bit on the impatient side most of the time but if you catch him at the right time he's got more stories than it wood take to fill a fairly large book. Chief has run a hunt club for over 40 years. He took up coon hunting way back when as a way to get out and have some fun after a day of managing pheasant shoots, duck shoots and sporting clays. He raised a family there at the club and has guided bear, mountain lion and bobcat hunts to fill in t
  13. Well, if that's how you feel try this one on for size. Some years ago two men we call Chief and Billy were out guiding another man on a bobcat hunt. There were three dogs with that day. They were Pounder (Treeing Walker), Magggie (TW) and Pepper (Mtn. Cur). Pounder is the start dog, meaning that he is put on an old track and expected to work it up and get the cat jumped. Maggie was nearly as good on track and Pepper was better than both on a jumped race but not quite as good on working cold tracks. Pounder and Maggie are also bear dogs, while Pepper is a bobcat and coon dog. Anyhow
  14. Yes, some are natural and 99%ofthe rest are docked. I've had four that were natural at various lengths. Some have about three inches, some 3/4 tailed and some are what we call frog tailed. Frog tailed is when there's a mushy lump where the tail ought to come out.
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