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  1. This season should be a big season for more than just four clubs. Mong utd Mong city Liverpool Chelski Arse-anal Tottingham Leicester Everton West ham. Any of them clubs will be top four. In which order I do not know. Unless of course your mystic-max.
  2. Had a bit of shite mate. Had to go asap.
  3. I have just over 20 irish and raza canaries. 9 goldfinches 7 bullfinches. For Sale as one lot asap. Essex/London area. Pm only.
  4. Pmsl Hairy arsed pit ponies should be put to sleep. Expecially the the grasses.


    Blinding afternoon/evening at Lords. I will be going again for definitely.


    I've been getting right into it of late. I got a couple of nephews that play and I've been going the odd home game. Very relaxing indeed and a good laugh. Should be a good day out unless it rains.


    Im orf to Lords tomorrow for the 20/20. Anyone into their cricket?
  8. Well ive not had a bad season at all. Ive got 8 native bullies and 3 native goldfinches all on the sticks as well as over 20 razas n irish canaries.


    The art of a cowards survival is not letting things get to the point where cowardice can be exposed On the beer front just come back from Cyprus a pal of mine who has a bar there took me to a cracking little place called The Old Fishing Shack in Paphos ive never seen as many beers in my life we was acting like dicks and chucking money about so the old boy who owns it pulled out some bottles of rare Thomas Hardy ale......well well well it put all the others in the shade it was absolutely gorgeous i dont know if any of you chaps have had it before ?......he had loads of ales id never heard o
  10. Have you watched the documentary? ??
  11. All right max don't get so excited, you will be reaching for the catalogue again.
  12. Watch this documentary. https://youtu.be/zPFIEiIKjsQ
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