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  1. They were best biker gang buy along shot just sums up biker gang bollocks on a whole they were the best
  2. They are lovely little things I would be well proud of them gnipper, there is a man on a another web site who has bred canary x red hooded siskin's they look great. Got me sold on them to the extent I'm going to Newark on the 3rd to get me self a pair to put with my fife canary's next year. I keep a lot of Siberian bullfinch, and the fife canary's are a nice distraction, when things don't go to plan with them.
  3. Brilliant video really enjoyed watching it, thanks for sharing ??
  4. Don't mind me asking but do you come across many snakes in those berries, do you have to carry like a 1st aid kit just in case you get bit or something ? But apart from that looks like you have had a good morning work well done pal ?
  5. Hampshire use to be fantastic for rabbiting were I lived and worked my ferrets and dogs. it really was a dream for rabbiting walked out of my front door straight into woods and fields at six years old I was ferreting, got taught how to ferret off a old boy who is long gone now. fantastic for a young lad growing up,. yeah there was always the occasional out break of mixie in the summer. But there was always your strong holds of rabbits it really didn't matter how hard you hit the rabbits they would be back the next week ready to be ferreted again. I have still got the same strain of ferrets I
  6. I love the Darcy books especially the coursing books he done there my favorite by a long shot great books
  7. iv been asked to ferret this way before , and have said no many times just worried my ferrets would be blasted
  8. I thought that was his paw untill I read katchums comment ? That is so unlucky, what away to go stuck to a fence buy your nuts
  9. Best hybrid I ever bred for my new strain was quarter ferret touch of weasel line bred back to a stoat with a touch of Angora eu polecat bred ferret with a hint of pine martin bolted rabbits like a ninja
  10. top man defenatly deservers a pint or ten if only that was the head of labour mr Corbyn he was running in the hedge with quad I would of bought him a barrel of his favourite for the year top bloke.
  11. I reckon them rabbits are stuffed, ?thats stufff of dreams round my neck of woods.
  12. I replaced all my nests which I had since I was a child about 7years ago, and was introduced to the poke nets off net rigger bill off here.He made me over hundred nets at the time, and a dozen or so poke nets to try. A great piece of equipment deadly in my opinion nothing gets out of a poke net when its set right.
  13. Fury all the way the man has come back from the brink he's a absolute fighter, one every thing lost everything (titles that is ) come back from depression and every thing else, then he's fighting pro again. Be a fluke in my opinion if he looses, fury's make up is true to his ancestors look at Bartley Gormen one of his relations and his make up, it tells you what Tyson Fury 's about.
  14. I reckon she should give the EU the middle finger with there great deals and go and do a nice bit of coursing always makes me feel better when I got things on my mind ?
  15. Thanks for the reply pie eater he has got a little bit better, he has stopped dragging his backend about. But now it’s more of a drunken stagger if that makes sense. But my vet said that it could be a number of things, I think its possibly could of been that hot weather we had even though his hutch was covered up with a wet sheet often and lots of water to bath and drink, plus being in the shade. Some how it’s done something to him. But if he was in any pain or discomfort I would put him to sleep but he isn’t, he hasn’t gone of his food and he sh#ts in the corner of his hutch fine still ju
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