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  1. The Fishlocker

    New boat

    Small boat fishing is fantastic. Small enough to take close on shallow and near the edges where the fish hide and yet sturdy enough to get you out in the deep. I love it. Great looking bay boat mate. May she be lucky for you. ;)
  2. The Fishlocker

    Solo trip sharking

    I love it mate. I enjoy all fishing and am at my happiest when out in the woods or on the water. But sea fishing is my absolute passion!!!
  3. The Fishlocker

    Solo trip sharking

    It was a lovely day out there but not good sharking conditions. So I was glad to get my target species.
  4. The Fishlocker

    Solo trip sharking

    I fish around the Falmouth Bay Area mate
  5. The Fishlocker

    Solo trip sharking

    The sharking has been very fickle so far this year, just when things look like theyre picking up the weather turns and the fish move off again. I saw my window and went for it. The conditions weren't perfect but you've got to be in it win it.
  6. The Fishlocker

    What a beauty!!

    In my local area anything Easterly causes a real sloppy swell. This makes fishing anywhere except tight inshore just generally unpleasant. So I took the opportunity to fish in shelter and managed to find a few fish and one of our lovely summer visitors.
  7. The Fishlocker

    Great little session on the beach.

    Any time Arry. I do a bit of ray fishing so there are a few ray vids on the channel. Tight lines mate.
  8. The Fishlocker


    Not to be outdone. freelined breadflake
  9. The Fishlocker

    Incredible session on the hounds

    We just need a few good years with no commercial pressure and good angler education. Look at how well the specific numbers have bounced back.
  10. The Fishlocker

    Incredible session on the hounds

    Autumn winter time has always been my best time for the bigger girls. November-ish.
  11. The Fishlocker

    Incredible session on the hounds

    That’s funny you should say that.
  12. I am lucky enough to have had some amazing fishing sessions. This definitely ranks up there with one of my best ever from the shore. By then end of it I was absolutely spent... but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!! Haha.
  13. The Fishlocker


    I’m don’t mean chum for them. Just a couple of mackerel fillets smushed in with a couple of loaves of bread will do.
  14. I don’t really fish much from sandy beaches because I don’t much enjoy getting sand everywhere. This session I got sand EVERYWHERE!! But the fishing was that good I didn’t really care!! Haha.
  15. The Fishlocker


    They’re cracking fish to target aren’t they mate. Fight like stink when you get a good one. I’ve found mixing a little bit of mushy mackerel to the blended bread groundbait works well.