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  1. I have a couple of catch and cook demonstrations that I thought people may enjoy. Is this the best place to share them? Nothing fancy just simple and straightforward fishing and cooking. Here is a recent one from a fishing session.
  2. A hard days fishing with a few twists and turns. As I know all boat owners and seafarers will agree, when someone is in trouble on the water that takes priority. I hope the video helps folks out. Take care and tight lines lads.
  3. That is a brilliant tip. Big velvets have a habit of doing that!!
  4. I had a cracking couple of hours out on the boat with the lures the other day. If only every session was like this!! ?????
  5. Me and my partner in crime had a good day out on the boat. Bait wasnt easy to come by but we made it work in the end.
  6. I’ve used them all over the world. Landed multiple 100lb stingrays and even a 4ft hammerhead shark in Tenerife with a handline. ???
  7. Here is a video from a recent spring tide coastal forage all cooked up on the beach. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
  8. Thanks buddy. The day had its frustrations but it was a Bonny day and I had some good fish so all was well. ????
  9. With a good set of neap tides and favourable weather conditions I set out with the plan to fish a new set of wrecks for Conger eels. Things didn’t go entirely to plan but I had some great fish by the end. Here is the video. ???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJV2JDA4tdk
  10. I saw that in the news. That’s some fish that!! They have a pretty well established tagging programme going on over there. It’s all good stuff to see. ???
  11. It is potentially massive. Not just to the skippers but for the areas. At a time when this tourism and fishing is slowing down the added money into accommodation and services, restaurants etc would be brilliant.
  12. That is one of the things that is actually slightly lacking over here is enough experienced charter skippers to do it properly. And not just have the kit to do it. That isn’t a big headed dig or anything, it’s a fishery that we didn’t have until now and unless the skippers have spent time in other countries fishing/skippering how would they have the experience? On the other hand we have a skipper local to us that is an absolute liability. He’s been given advice from the actual experts and tagging teams and still thinks he knows best. ??
  13. Thankyou very much Arry, I do find that quite amusing. Us going down and upsetting the french and Spanish by fishing in their waters. ?
  14. Years gone by there were more tuna around but sadly commercial pressure saw them really decline. You say a lot further south? You cannot go much further south from me and still be in the UK. ?
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