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  1. My bitch is still going strong at 10. Still keeps the ferrets in food
  2. Glen's looking well pal. Nice to see him out and about
  3. That's our thinking. The breeder kept him for us till he was 11 weeks old. We think he's just been left to do it where he wants and now he thinks thats what he should do
  4. It's been quite some years since I've had a dog living inside 24/7 but the Mrs and daughter wanted a French Bulldog pup. The mother and daughter lurchers that I have live outside during the working day and at night but even though they are in a kennel and run they are spotless 99% of the time unless i have to leave them longer than normal. Now this Frenchie is an absolute nightmare to house train. I'm constantly taking him out for toilet breaks but he still continues to wee whenever he wants. Even in his crate he will just wee and then lay on it no problems. Proper scrubber! He's on a constant
  5. Bit of a strange request but as I am not a shooter I thought I'd try here. Is anybody in the Rotherham area shooting woodies? Wanting maybe 4-5 fresh shot pigeons for a christmas day starter. Cheers
  6. I've got the collar out but snapped some of the housing. It should all glue back together though. Bit of tape to make sure
  7. Can you put some pictures up of what you mean? I think I've got a good idea of what to do but I dont want to knacker up a good transmitter
  8. Can the leather strap of the mk1 collar be changed? It's snapped today but can't see a way of getting the transmitter off the strap
  9. I'll be getting these little beasts out soon. Dont fancy trying to get a collar on them, end up with no fingers left
  10. I've got the same problem with my jill. Shes at least 4 because I rescued her 3 years ago. Her back end is totally gone. She's still eating and drinking normally and still plays with the kits as much as she can. Drags herself around with no troubles at all. I think it's time I had her pts now. Dont want to but sometimes you have to do right by them and not us
  11. Still for sale as we have been let down on collection this morning. Will take offers on it
  12. View Advert Double kennel & run. 10ft x 8ft Selling on behalf of a friend. Double kennel and run which measures 10ft long by 8ft wide. The front is 6ft 2" sloping down to about 5ft at the back. Seems to be in vert good condition. Buyer to dismantle and arrange collection Advertiser deanflute Date 16/06/18 Price £250.00 Category Kennels & Equipment
  13. Never realised Blue had a long haired tail! It's like his mothers
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