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  1. Lee farrington

    Fu*k the dried crap ........

    Nice looking litters
  2. Lee farrington


    Escape from the kibble
  3. Lee farrington


    Nice looking litter
  4. Lee farrington

    Old Sandy Tip

    Great video. Dogs worked well. Keep them coming
  5. Lee farrington

    Bad news

    That's a sh#t mate. Hope it's just localised
  6. Lee farrington

    Anyone need a kitt

    Nice offer
  7. Lee farrington

    An average day

    Another good video.
  8. Lee farrington

    Talkers and doers

    So what are you saying, the ferret goes down there and thinks I'm not gonna eat meat today, today is a kibble only day. Your one of the dumbest people I've ever come across
  9. Lee farrington

    1st time ferrets

    Welcome to the crazy world of ferrets. As for food, there are many options but raw and whole prey is always best and as said above summer feeding is a bit different to winter feeding. Ferrets have a really fast metabolism always make sure there is food available. As said not so easy in the summer. I've got ten ferrets so I give mine 2 rabbits early evening, by the morning there isn't much left and then in the morning I give them 2/3 pigeons or another rabbit, afternoon they get some quick and easy chicken carcasses. I'm lucky, mine all live in a shed with different areas and levels so I have an advantage of having 3 fans in there which the flies hate. interact with them as much as possible and get them used to being picked up this will help when out working, as the last thing you want is a ferret that is scared of being picked up or scared of someone standing over them, which I've had and it was a nightmare. Also feeding raw and whole you get a bit less smell and a lot less poo. hope this helps mate
  10. Lee farrington

    More kits on the way

    Fingers crossed.
  11. Lee farrington

    Talkers and doers

    I bet a lot of us wish we were doing as much as you. Nice video
  12. Lee farrington


    When I buy the cucumbers I'm gonna buy a new cat box and take my cat next season, 15 years old may be a bit old to start him p, but it's worth a go
  13. Lee farrington


    Im off to buy some cucumber
  14. Lee farrington


    Couldn't put it better myself
  15. Lee farrington

    18 yr old HW80 .22 COMES OF AGE.