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  1. I think most of us went through this when we started out, I know I did. Just follow all the advice given and it will happen for you. When that first rabbit bolts you will feel on top of the world. If you was local to me, you would be more than welcome to come along
  2. I'm raw a Whole prey all the time. Rabbit, hare, pigeon,duck, piglet, lamb, chicken, deer,mice, rats, day old chicks, scraps from the butcher, mince meat and anything else I can get hold of. All the above cost about £5 a month
  3. Miles away from you but I've got some
  4. So sad. Sorry for your loss mate
  5. I know they carry disease, but so do feral pigeons. Mine have feral pigeons on and off all year round.
  6. I've been asked a few times to do it, up till now I've not really been interested. Over the last couple of weeks I've been thinking about. May sound a silly question, but has anyone fed the ferrets the rats
  7. Ive always fancied ferreting in the dark. Any tips
  8. Nice healthy looking kits mate
  9. One of my hobs is coming into season already also
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