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  1. Lee farrington

    Chicken coop for ferrets

    Looks good, there gonna be happy ferrets
  2. Lee farrington

    Putting kits with adult hob

    I've got to hobs together they are brothers from last years litters. I had to separate them from there dad how is the dominant male. But them in there own area and they have lived fine all summer
  3. Lee farrington

    The young team 😎

    Nice looking kits
  4. Lee farrington


    Hi and welcome. Yes he will be the right age when the season starts. It sometimes takes a while for them to no what they are supposed to be doing, if they have not got an older ferret to follow, so don't expect things to start with a bang . Good luck and enjoy
  5. Lee farrington

    Not Long Now

    I wish you was closer, my daughter loves silvers. They look well mate
  6. Lee farrington

    I'm Back

    Welcome back And good luck with the new house and new permissions
  7. Lee farrington

    Not Long Now

    Nice looking litter mate
  8. Lee farrington

    Warning watch the ferrets in this heat

    My shed was a pigeon loft, so there is a lot of air flow and the front wire have way up.
  9. Lee farrington

    Warning watch the ferrets in this heat

    I put sand in a big dig box and in the mornings I soak it and they seem to spend most of the day asleep in there. I then wet it again when I get home from work. I guess that's an advantage of having them in a shed and not a hutch
  10. Lee farrington

    Phantom pregnancy

    She had been with my v hob. The vet said it was called pyro. They have advised my to get Jill's spayed if I'm not wanting to breed from them
  11. Lee farrington

    Phantom pregnancy

    I lost one of m best Jill's yesterday due to a phantom pregnancy, Friday she was her normal crazy self and Saturday morning she had swollen tummy with yellow pus coming from her vulva and was not moving at all. I took her to the vet and he said she has an infection in her womb, she gave me some antibiotics but she lost her fight last night
  12. Lee farrington

    Growing fast

    I bet, it takes a lot out of them
  13. Lee farrington

    Growing fast

    Wow that's a big litter and she is doing well to cope with all them
  14. Lee farrington

    Getting stuck in

    I no, I had my first ever litters last year and I couldn't believe how much they eat
  15. Lee farrington

    Growing fast

    Little beauty's .