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  1. Lee farrington

    Chase and 3 corner Jacks

    Yet again another good video. Keep them coming
  2. Lee farrington

    Skinny nursing jill

    As said above just keep the food coming. I've got a 3 year old Jill with her first litter, 4 days old started with 10 but down to 8. I always sprinkle a little bit of bone meal powder on nursing Jill's food, it helps strengthen the kits. as the others have said OT will comment soon and he will put you right, might even say she looks over weight
  3. Lee farrington

    Confused first time mum

    Good luck mate, fingers crossed
  4. Lee farrington

    Mini Ferrets

    What an earth is going on, this section has gone from people talking about there ferrets and given advice etc to this over night. If it's right what I've read about the long netting section, I think someone ( our team ) should go back on there and talk his s%#t on his own, while learning how to fed his ferrets correctly
  5. Lee farrington

    Red mite and pregnant jill

    Never had it with the ferrets but had it with racing pigeons. Once a year I used to lightly blow torch the shed as well as dip the pigeons. I still blow touch the ferrets shed once a year to kill of any unwanted little bugs
  6. Lee farrington

    Ferret disorientated ?

    May be a silly question but has it been eating game that has been shot with a shot gun, the reason I'm asking is wild animals get similar symptoms when they have eaten a lot of things that get shot and left, they digest the lead shots and get lead poisoning. It's very rare not it's possible
  7. Lee farrington

    New permission

    I'm hoping there will still be loads, as her land is basically untouched all year round, the land has never been hunted. So fingers crossed. Im going there Sunday to have a good look around
  8. Lee farrington

    New permission

    Got a call of a work mate today, telling me he was doing the roof on a big house and there were hundreds of rabbits in her 4 archer garden and he had told the owner he knows someone who could get rid of some and that's when he called me, so I dropped tools and head over there, on the way there I said to my son I think he might be exaggerating about the amount of rabbits, 15 minute drive and I arrive to a ferreters heaven, I found 6 warrens in raised mounds in the main garden, full of rabbit s#$t and fresh digging and she has a dry stream running around the premises which is full of holes on both sides.Rabbits were running everywhere. There is plenty ferreting when the season starts, plenty of shooting with the air rifle in between. She is surrounded by farms and farm land, so fingers crossed more land could follow
  9. Lee farrington

    A short vid of today

    You, your dogs and ferrets sure do have a blessed life. great video
  10. Lee farrington

    Ferrets have been poisoned.

    Sorry to hear what's happened Darren. A friend of mine had a ferret die a while back and they found a mouse tail in the hutch, that was put down to poison. Hope you get to the bottom of it and your luck changes
  11. Lee farrington


    Had a right result today. A new work mate told me his dad has got a few chickens that are to old to lay and he wanted to get rid of them, as he was fed up with feeding them and not getting anything out of them. So as my freezer is getting empty, I said I would have them. He took me there today 23 chickens necks pulled and in my freezer
  12. Lee farrington

    Starting up again

    Welcome back. I should be having a litter around may time. I'm also forum the south east, so there shouldn't be much traveling
  13. Lee farrington

    Few for the pot

    Nice one nobby.
  14. Lee farrington

    Terrier x whippet pups

    Where are you based
  15. Lee farrington

    Lucky fella

    Poor thing. Good on you for rescuing him. Hope he turns out a good one