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  1. He brought 3 because he is a animal hoarder. At the moment he has 30+ cats 1 dog and 14 ferrets. All of which are not looked after very well. The rspca are always there.
  2. Not got a clue , a jipsy lady had 18 pups for sale, she was walking round my area selling them for £30, they were 2 1/2 weeks old, eyes and ears still shut. My neighbor brought 3 of which 2 died, I took last one one off him and hand reared him. She was selling them as Lhasa apso cross westie, but he doesn't have none of them in him, he is a proper mongral . He is a great dog, great company while out ferreting and shooting, good at making, great with the kids, hand on heart he has never done anything wrong in and out of the house, he is 6 year old now
  3. It's hard to tell the fair way from the rough
  4. Left home at 6am to beat the heat, only went for an hour on the golf course. Only got 3, cover was thick, roll on the frost
  5. Not a bad way to spend your morning, way better than mine, I've been painting my daughters room all weekend. Hoping to get out tomorrow morning for an hour before the missus and kids wake up, to give a few of the ferrets a pre season run out. Nice bit of land you've got there mate
  6. Once again a massive well done to her. Nice looking ferret
  7. Went out this morning to look at a new permission and got lost, I stopped to ask a farmer for directions and at the same time managed got his farm as well, he told me he was over run with rabbits. We had a walk round and there is many hours of ferreting to be done, I told him I will pop along next weekend. I then went off to the original permission, which turned out it isn't gonna be much good for the ferrets but I will go with the air rifle, as there was good numbers but couldn't access any of the warrens
  8. It's always sad when pet/ hunting partner dies. The amount of time we spend with them from day to day caring for them and out hunting the bond is massive. R.I.P badger
  9. Looks like you've got a little star on your hands well done
  10. Bless her, I bet she was smiling from ear to ear and I bet your proud. WELL DONE
  11. Nice looking litter. Them 2 Jill's have sure been busy
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