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  1. My old dog grandfather to the pups, high hopes for these pups
  2. Mine bred this way I bred meself he’s 4 month now and his mother who was out of my old dog
  3. Ey up mate your having a good season well done. You don’t have any young mules for sale or know of any do you. Hope your keeping well
  4. Looking really well mate you’ll have to let me know how you get on this season I might buy a few young birds off you. I’m moving out and got plenty of space so a bird room will be one of the first things going up lol... good luck this season mate I hope you breed a shed full
  5. Small world mate how the birds doing? I was sick having to part with them.Me bitch had another good season just lined her to a good dog
  6. I was selling all me birds mate could of been me had mainly sibo bullies for sale quality birds as well was sick having to part and the odd linnet goldie cock, and have the dogs could of been me. Me name starts with a R.
  7. All look in good condition hull but very clean must of just bit a bit of rabbiting with them mate?
  8. When is the book going to be released?
  9. Just be careful what you buy mate and who you listen to lot of shit talked in coursing and a lot of so called good coursing men that hardly do anything with there dogs. Everything these days is well bred but not a lot properly tested. Lads breeding out of 2 year old bitches saying well it’s out of so and so it’s worth lining even though it’s done nothing. You won’t go far wrong with a good coursing type it’s all I’ve kept for years just brought up like any lurcher they’ll do abit of everything for you not seen many that will do fox tho but anything else they take some beating in my opinion.
  10. Brilliant mate hope you have a top season
  11. Brilliant mate read the first a few times over ,top book I’m 29 and it’s good to read how good you lads had it back then. My grandad was a old Birdman/ countryman could find any nest you wanted to see he’s no longer with us and characters like him are few and far between now to listen to old stories about birds and poaching and anything to do with the countryside it’s in my blood the dogs and birds , he got upto the same as the characters in your book. Look forward to the second one coming out
  12. It just doesn’t ring true your daft story, I know there’s idiots in the game but who leaves 2 dead deer and one half dead what were they killing them with a butter knife? Then just by chance they left a collar , slip lead and a mobile phone some clumsy poachers aren’t they. More like you’ve just been dobbing dog lads in you’ve heard there names mentions like all your type would do
  13. One of my favourites goldies but for me you can’t beat a bullfinch , some good pics on here lads been seeing a lot of goldies by me lately
  14. Lovely pups lads sure they’ll look well when matured bred for a job can’t beat a good coursing dog over a bull cross for all round work. I’ve got a handy coursing bred bitch here if she carries on until she’s 6 or 7 the way she’s running I’d be tempted to put a good bull x over her
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