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    Gun now gone
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    Gun now gone.
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    Still available
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    Pm'd you mate
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    Gun now sold,cheers
  6. obby

    A day out somewhere in the uk

    A great day out by the looks of it and a good sized bag to show for it well done fellas all the best
  7. Kral magnum underlever air rifle with gas ram upgrade and 3-9x40 ags scope immaculate condition swap for ferreting/lamping equipment or sell for 175 ovno face to face only located in portsmouth hampshire cheers
  8. obby

    A good start for the youngun.

    Nice one fitch,dog looks in fine form and your bro looks well chuffed with his catch,all the best mate ob.
  9. Enjoy reading these reports,well done on what sounded like a good if slighty hard day a good few bunnies there too nice one all the best,ob.
  10. I know what your saying mate sometimes a nice chilled day with a few rabbits is better than a day of hard graft with a big bag.
  11. What a nice way to spend time with the kids mine would be up trees and sword fighting with sticks in no time atall fair play mate,like the look of the brindle n white dog atb ob.
  12. Nice read,nice to see youngsters taking an interest well done mate.
  13. obby

    A hard day digging with young kits

    Sounds like a good day 10 rabbits is better than no rabbits and somtimes its just nice to be out well done fellas all the best,ob.
  14. obby

    A good day in good company.

    Thans all for the positive comments has encouraged me to write reports on future outings. Netrigger,the land owner is a top fella and amongst the nets were the ones that dave got from you a little while back and may I say they are some of the nicest nets iv used top quality workmanship and they work an absolute treat. Thanks again for the comments Ob
  15. Never written a report on here before but after reading about everyone elses days out decided to share one of mine.Got a call in the week from my ferreting partner dave to ask if i fancied a day out with the ferrets on some new permission gained toward the end of the summer,well it had been a while since i have been out with the ferrets so i jumped at the chance.we were going to hit an embankment along the top of the permission that looked on a previous visit a while back to be the main stronghold of the furry pests.Arrangements were made for today help in the form of our mate charlie was called in and it was on. Well today came and by 7am me and charlie were packed and loaded with 2 of my jills my old hob and dylan my deerhound grey x saluki grey and as many nets as we owned on arrival at daves we were greeted by dave his dog queenie and a few of daves stinkers the gear was all loaded into the van and off we set. We arrived at the permission to be greeted by the land owner a real nice fella who was glad to see us as the rabbits play havoc with his horse paddocks he was off on a pheasant shoot and wouldnt be there allday so gave us free run of the place. Off we headed to our target area for the day the embankment,gear out and off we set up the steep sided valley now from what i had remembered this bank was about 20 foot hight 500 yards long and had more holes than a block of swiss cheese and on approach i realised my memory had served me well the one thing i hadnt remembered to clearly was just how steep this bank was and the amount of gardening that would be involved to get to some of the holes anyway with the dogs giving good marks right along this back we started to lay the nets between us we had 200 pursenets of varying size shape style and colour and between the three of us it wasnt long before we had them all set on stepping back to view our handy work it had become apparent that we had only netted about a 75 yard stretch of this bank and it was gonna be a long day starting one end and hopfully doing the whole bank. with nets on my 2 jills and 4 of daves were entered with charlie stationed ontop of the bank,me middle,dave bottom and dogs left to do what they do best it wasnt long before the action started with a barely a rumble bang a rabbit hit the net to be neatly dispached by dave then in quick succesession number two hits the net from a hole ontop the bank just the other side of the fence with such force it lifted the peg from the ground and before charlie could hop the fence with a quick kick bunny was free and made good his escape across a sheep paddock. A few minute passed and wallop another rabbit hits the net to be held by queenie and 1 of daves albino ferrets in a match of tugg o war till i manage to scrammble along and turn his lights out after another escapee due to debris not letting the net purse properly that gave the old dog dylan a good run for his money we eventually had 5 rabbits from this section of bank and it was time to move up. The next section was still high with cover so out with the tools and after abit of gardening that woulda mate alan titchmarsh proud we netted the next section a lenghth of about 150 yards.The ferrets we're entered and within mintutes we added another 2 rabbits to the one held tight by dylan till i releaved him of duty and a second pursed and dispatched by dave mid bank the it went quiet for a while the wham another rabbit hit the net hard removing the peg and rolling down the bank in the net to be held firm by the dog at the bottom the whack another in the net not sure wh delt with it as i was busy with the rabbit that took a tumble after that we waited and waited the ferrets gradually surfacing to be boxed up after a while we were only missing the one an albino jill so a quick scan with the disco carrot revealed she was 4ft down wrestling with her prize dave entered another ferret to help her out and they had both soon settled at 4ft a quick time check revealed the time was flying so as me and charlie started to lift nets dave started to dig,fair play to him he can ever have a dig and is usually first one on the shovel and it wasnt long before all the ferrets were safe in their boxes and the nets wrapped up before we set off home we decided to try and get a few runs for the dogs on a small 4 holed open bury i one of the paddocks. Over to the paddock we went dogs ready and waiting and ferrets in rumble rumble then a quater grown rabbit shot out and up the paddock to be snatched up by dylan then dropped n scooped by queenie in a kind of if this is the best run we'll get i'll share with you kid sort of way.then silence for a while followed by some very load rumbles then silence a while later the ferrets surfaced but no poley jill by this time the land owner had returned from his day shooting and had come to see how we we're doing after a quick chat he left us again and with still no sign of the poley jill out came the disco carrot once more this time a solid mark at 4ft and with light fading dave and his trusty shovel got to work when he broke through both ferret and rabbit were nowere to be seen another quick scan revealed the ferret had moved 3ft left of the original hole this dig was to be mine and as dave and charlie gathered the gear i began to dig by this time it was getting dark rapidly so i had to be quick but after the first two shovels the ferret surfaced and was boxed abit of back filling and that was that gear loaded back in the van and catch gutted we stopped at the house to drop a brace of bunnies to the land owner who met us with a small lamp to show us his front paddocks so out with the dogs and a strole across the yard and we were at the front paddocks a quick flick with the lamp revealed a good number of non lampshy bunnies dylan and queenie enjoyed a couple of runs apiece but as it was early evening the rabbits were still close to the hedge after another chat and bunnie recieved with thanks from the owner and a promise to return from us for some ferreting and very likely some lamping we were away. That was today in a nutshell not a massive bag but a well earned brace a piece with a couple for the ferts,a nice day in beautiful surroundings with a good couple of fellas the dogs n the ferrets and that ends my first report hope you enjoyed it and i will try and add pics at some piont if i can suss out how. happy hunting all the best ob.