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  1. garbs

    Working age

    I’ve just retired 2 gills that have worked solid for 7yrs and for a long time we’re some of my go to workers now there just doing the odd small burrow for a bit of fun
  2. garbs

    Ferreting Dog

    Mate ease up boy!!you’ve had ya winge called me a dickhead among other things so let it go I never shit caned any of your post or your dogs
  3. garbs

    Odd couloured rabbits

    I’ve seen a few full black ones over the years must have been pets at one time but there interesting colours among those pics.they would be nice for some fly tying materials
  4. garbs

    Ferreting Dog

    I’m not being disrespectful of anyone I’m an avid viewer of sir blessed and enjoy all of his vids and his and have watched alllll of them with his dogs cass zip and fleet point of fact hes been more than helpful to me and I currently have two of his ferrets which I breed this year all I said is a good dog that marks up off the bat is a gem.take it how you will
  5. garbs

    Ferreting Dog

    Nope just my opinion but like grompz you know you have a good dog when it does its thing on its own if your lucky to get one like that
  6. garbs

    Ferreting Dog

    Nice dogs I used to have bully x greyhound x staghound when I done a heap off pig hunting What Part off aus do you hunt?
  7. garbs

    Ferret Collar

    Yep agree with the above I got some Velcro puppy collars and they work mint Evan better with bells attached especially on those frosty mornings
  8. garbs

    Ferreting Dog

    You lads have some really nice working dogs this post shows it.neils looks switched onbut I’d be keen to see if there are any guys in Australia that use dogs for ferreting (I know sirblessed does) but I would be interested to see if anyone else does
  9. garbs

    Few for the pot

    Nice one mate a few bunnies for the freezer but better yet a good day with your little ones.nice vid too
  10. garbs

    Lucky fella

    I can’t understand why land owners use those sht traps for the most part they don’t anything!!
  11. garbs

    Lucky fella

    Nice rescue mate no doubt he’ll return the favour and nail some bunnies for you.bit worrying you guys seem to come across those fen traps pretty regularly
  12. garbs

    I’d be Keen

    Yep.If I’m far from my car it works well to stop them from being fly blown but for most part I gut them and than straight in the cooler just was wondering how you boys go about it
  13. garbs

    I’d be Keen

    we were just curious I do process a fair few rabbits every week and I have my ways which by most part I learnt from some very knowledgeable and very helpful Airgun hunters wayyyy back in the day especially on warm days”push gut “works for me .hate to say it they were from the barmy army at the time still friendly lads just keen to see what you fellas do?
  14. garbs

    I’d be Keen

    Hi lads and ladies I was having a few brews with some like minded hunters tonight and this topic came up? I know there can’t be any ”graffic content” so I don’t expect people to post unless were allowed to on how most of you clean”gut” and process your rabbits.
  15. garbs

    Rabbit disease

    If your ever planning to come down my neck of the woods let me know if I’m about we can tee up a few rabbit deer or pig trips if you want