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  1. Agree with first sentence but totally disagree with second? I’ve dug to seasoned dogs with various animals in ground including rabbits and ducks! Telling a young man to PTS a young keen pup because a rabbit bolted out of a hole near where she was at wouldn’t be my advice. Keep bringing her to good active holes putting proper game in front of her. Never encourage her to go as it sounds like she certainly doesn’t need it… nice and calm around holes. The more she works the more she “should” settle. If she is to be a clown that trend will show itself over time. Then it’s up to you to see what stan
  2. RIP Pat. My buddy Ger now also sadly gone knew the Manning brothers well. Decent Wheaten men. RIP
  3. Well we have the weather on our side like the last time around pre Covid. Lots of excellent prizes to be won. Will be Great to see old friends and get out and about again after a restrictive few years. See ye there!
  4. Great result today! Lots to leverage and learn from today’s win. This will not be the last attack on our way of life...... but we can continue to live it in a sensible, balanced and controlled manner. ???
  5. Second Reading of the ANTI Hunting Bill is Monday the 6th December.
  6. It looks for Northern Ireland postcodes as it only emails the MLAs you can vote for. Then then know they are being contacted by someone they will rely on for a vote in the forthcoming election. When you fill it out it automatically sends an email to your local MLAs. They can also double check they are legit by check them against the electoral register. let’s hope the northern lads respond ?
  7. Petition is launched backing bill to ban hunting with dogs M.BELFASTTELEGRAPH.CO.UK A petition has been launched by the League Against Cruel Sports to support the passing of a Private... The league are busy. Let’s hope hunting men also get busy!
  8. Looks like it needs a N.I. Postcode. I put in one I knew in Belfast and an address with options came up.
  9. Lads... please complete Countryside Alliance e-lobby. It’s the least people can do is click a few buttons. No matter where you are support the fight and don’t let the Antis take the high moral ground or beat us at the numbers game! Hunting Bill could criminalise every dog owner in Northern Ireland WWW.COUNTRYSIDE-ALLIANCE.ORG Sign the Countryside Alliance Ireland's e-lobby against John Blair MLA's Hunting of Wild Mammals...
  10. First of all my response was not directed at you although I did quote your reply. It was a general comment. Simply pointing out the F&M is a separate entity from the NWTF. And “if” lads can afford it why not support both. I didn’t exactly ask you to go on the wagon or forsake a family holiday. Just pointing out that some would rather buy a pint than support their own organisations. As for having a strong opinion. You bet I do, but it is a well educated one that I put to very good use in defending our game. And I’m not that little either. As for having admirati
  11. Always fancied you in tight Jeans Barrie! ?
  12. 14 New Clubs have recently joined the IWTF up North in recent months with the support of local reps. Fair play to lads for joining up and caring enough to make the effort. ????
  13. Why not support both? not as if lads can’t afford a few quid these days. Brexit hasn’t starved ye “yet” ? Correct me if I’m wrong but the Fell & Moorland is a working terrier organisation for promoting Terrierwork, rescues and protects working strains. Fell and Moorland “Club” is a member of the NWTF. The NWTF is a National “Federation” of Working Terrier Clubs that fights to promote and maintain Terrierwork on a political front ably run by Mr B. Wade. In my mind “everyone” who works a terrier should be a member. The amount of work these guys do on your behalf in th
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