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  1. Ger was an absolute gentlemen. We were digging buddies up until he got sick and sadly he had to hand over the working dog as he wouldn't be able to manage him. That broke his heart. We used to have some craic out with the dogs and also when involved with IWTF business. Ger had a great sense of humour and also insight and wisdom of the dog game and every day life. He would study things down to the fine detail and always had a different angle on things. Always making you rethink what you thought you knew. A proud Corkman and of the White Dogs we worked, he invested huge effort into protecting Te
  2. Interesting that not a black dog in the photo. Lakies and Fell types.
  3. Hi, hope ye are all well during these strange times. Unfortunately we have had to cancel the IWTF show this year due to Government restrictions around Covid19 and public gatherings. Can you please let people know. See you all next year in Cork!
  4. With all due respect Chesney you are or have been one of the worst offenders on here in recent times. The fact that you don’t see the harm is actually the worrying part. No offense meant but I wish people would wake up and smell the roses. Cheers, Corkman
  5. Yup. and then there is the Facebook hide and go seek champions that think they are invisible and dragging the whole game and good name of responsible terriermen into the gutter with them. 99% of us want or “should” want nothing to do with them, give or sell dogs to them or provide service to them. Then they might get the hint then and start acting accordingly. I’m a firm believer that the dogs have more brains them some on the other end of the lead. When you think of it this way. I bet if some of the these people thought you were a grass or snitch to the police, ANTIs or Anti welfare o
  6. I’d be thinking it would be a good way for those inclined to nab lads who might still self dock. I know the vast majority get the local vet to legally dock their pups even though this stupid law puts the pups and bitch in more danger than a carefully home docked pup! Can’t really see the arse of the dog on original posters dog? Maybe I’m just cynical of a new member asking such questions. Mind yourselves during these crazy times....
  7. Thanks Greyman....... I think they way things are at the moment it would be great for like minded people to get together for a social occasion
  8. We live in hope! It is something thing to look forward too. Date still holds
  9. An absolute legend. A true dog man. And a gentleman. They don’t make them like Jerry anymore. RIP Jerry.
  10. Thanks Margaret. Hopefully the weather and turnout will be as good as last time.
  11. It’s the Cork Superiority Complex..... the slagging just runs off us like water off a ducks back.... because when they’re good they’re good.
  12. Wild Bird, Genuine People who work terriers concerned with the welfare of their working stock will usually have a local vet that understands the necessity of docking working dogs as was proven in the Scottish Report on Tail Docking. The problem lads would have giving out names of vets who dock to strangers on the WWW is that it is not out of the ordinary for ANTIs to be asking such questions and follow up ringing (harassing the Vets) and threatening them and actively trying to ruin the business and customer base. Sadly this is the world we live in where the bleeding heart Antis
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