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  1. Corkman

    Ruin a dog

    Nobody does that as it would be illegal. Pest Foxes would need to be dealt with humanely. Moving live animals would leave Terriermen open to accusations of cruelty and baiting and can only be done under permit. It is sad that ANTIs don't realise the stupidity in what they wish for! As hunters now cannot move healthy pest animals safely to location they have to be dealt with. In the old days they could have been moved with little fuss or harm. The countryside needs to be managed and without hunting selectively removing the problem animals vermin species breed to epidemic proportions and the stupid government steeps in with Indiscriminate culs via shooting, snaring, poisons abd gassing at huge cost to the farmers and tax payers. When this was all done at zero cost or fuss for generations. The Antis should be ashamed of the unnecessary harm they cause and leave wildlife management to the hunting community.
  2. Corkman

    Airedale Terriers

    When we all have only a finite time on this planet, so why you would bother to use such dogs when there would be far faster ways to succeed in breeding working dogs? Might as well use a giant schnauzer.
  3. Corkman

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Hope you don't mind me asking why you put full English bull over your white dogs? What did the cross bring to the mix? Would have thought there was some in there already?
  4. See you and your workers tomorrow at the show. Easy enough to find the showgrounds. They are just off the South Ring Road (N40) Exit number two. If you go through the Jack Lynch Tunnel just keep going straight for a 15 minutes until you reach exit number "2" off the motorway. The showgrounds will be sign posted from exit number 2. Showgrounds are 2 minutes from the motorway exit.
  5. Only a few days to go. Final preparations underway. Looking forward to meeting a few older and newer friends on the day.
  6. I'll be too busy working at the show. My son might take one or two. Just as well mine are damn ugly because if they won I could be accused of a fix. A session and sing song and pints galore
  7. There seems to be a good crowd coming from all over. And a good session afterwards up the road.
  8. Some great prizes for the show. Bellman and Flint locating collar.
  9. Corkman

    Would you breed from a jacker?

    Kaiser, would you have bred off that bitch?
  10. Corkman


    Was he white before you shaved him Wedgey
  11. Irish Working Terrier Federation Working Terrier Show on Saturday 21st July 2018. Details attached. Looking forward to seeing you all there to support the IWTF.
  12. Corkman

    Dogs not tieing

    Sound Andy. Read through the rest of the posts even the irritating bitchy ones. FFS. When lads like you are trying a good cross the bitches will be watched like a pervert. All bitches are different. So the time when they are right will be different. I had an old bitch that bled for 20+ days and same bitch was like Mother Earth as she would produce milk when not in pup too. If this bitch is kennelled with other dogs try her with them first as she'll be used to them and more likely to show how ready she is with them before trying an outside dog. The usual 10-14 days goes out the window with some bitches. If the bitch is aggressive sometimes leaving her run free around the yard with the stud while keeping a close eye on things leaves the bitches settle. Do a bit of dancing (fore play) fanny licking, some like it rough as old bitch and her daughter did too. The dog would have to knock the head off her a little then she would then happyily leave the stud get on with it. Mother Nature often knows best. I have often stood back after too much interference and let them at it! Collar on bitch and ready with a lead when tied. I prefer the tie myself but it's not absolutely necessary. Raping the bitch if too early might be the reason she's not tying?? Lots of variables. We had a genius of a man down this way (Blondie Paddy) that could get any bitch crossed. I would love to have his technique but he was like lightning and wham bam the deed down before you could study the job Best of luck mate as it can be frustrating.
  13. Corkman

    Dogs not tieing

    Try what Lew said. Once he's in keep him in.......