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  1. Thanks Margaret. Hopefully the weather and turnout will be as good as last time.
  2. It’s the Cork Superiority Complex..... the slagging just runs off us like water off a ducks back.... because when they’re good they’re good.
  3. Wild Bird, Genuine People who work terriers concerned with the welfare of their working stock will usually have a local vet that understands the necessity of docking working dogs as was proven in the Scottish Report on Tail Docking. The problem lads would have giving out names of vets who dock to strangers on the WWW is that it is not out of the ordinary for ANTIs to be asking such questions and follow up ringing (harassing the Vets) and threatening them and actively trying to ruin the business and customer base. Sadly this is the world we live in where the bleeding heart Antis do not understand the damage and unnecessary suffering they cause to working dogs by trying to deny such a simple procedure that dog men have been doing for centuries? Mind you they do not want us to work our dogs in the first place. Can’t blame genuine lads for protecting their interests and Vets. Best of luck with your quest. People in hunting circles will always have sensible vets.
  4. I hope every hunting person (men, women, children, grannies and her cat) care enough to take the time to complete the questionnaire. The indifference from hunting people is at times frustrating. We love our rural pastimes yet we are very slow to respond when needed and at the same time our opponents are actively chipping away making it a very one sided argument. Then when laws change lads throw the toys out cribbing that they weren’t informed etc. If you have close relations with an address in the area I suggest ye start digging out the family tree and get busy.
  5. Thanks Barrie. Couldn’t have put it any better. We learnt from the best and your advice and support was immeasurable. Still is to this day. The political tide has yet again turned in both the UK and Ireland. Without the work behind the scenes matters would be a lot different and we always need to keep our eyes on the ball.
  6. Hatch28, Have you ever gone to an IWTF meeting or do you really know the true aims of the Federation? Or the work that has been done to date which is not broadcasted on the WWW. The hide and go seek/ mind your own business champions are typical of why terrierwork was left undefended In Ireland for so long. How in your opinion do Terrierman defend their interests without a recognised organisation?
  7. Sid, Is that the one that traveled over to Wales to the fair?
  8. All white bitch is very like her great great grandmother. Hope they do well for you.
  9. Great result Andy. Delighted you got them back
  10. Scorpion you are obviously green to terrier work, but we all started at sometime or other. Many of us don’t start our “pups” until 16 or 17 months preferring to hold them back. A pup matures an awful lot between 12 months and 2 years in their short life. Different animal between those ages. Have patience and leave them make their puppy mistakes for they are only kids at that age! There is far too much bravado in this game with people full of dismal wisdom that has been to the detriment of many a young prospect. Sometimes I think the dogs are more intelligent that than the lads holding the lead. Patience costs you nothing. Sometimes people at in far too much of a hurry to prove themselves right and they can’t be wrong when the dog is gone????
  11. Sadly few men (Legends) live up to the expectations we have placed upon them. It can be a disappointment when you finally do meet them. I have to say Tommy O’Reilly was a great character that started off what a lot of white dog men in our area have today. What you saw is what you got from Tommy. Straight and to the point, but a gentleman all the same. Always pleasurable to be in his company. I had the honour to shoulder his coffin when he was laid to rest. Tommy’s son, myself and my digging partner slipped back to the jeep for a spade and back filled. Tommy would have liked that. RIP. Another living legend is J.A. One of the few men that fully lives up to his reputation. A true gentleman and such a knowledgable man that few will ever reach his stature. He has done it all. Sitting listening to J.A. is some craic and the stories from the past a pleasure to be told. These lads had some sport and craic in their day and more than happy to share with the next generations. And then there is Barrie Wade. A bloody immeasurable force that we all owe so much. So many don’t even realise the efforts he has gone too and spent a lifetime protecting. I don’t think I could express how much I think of and believe in this man. A great character, an honourable man and true gentleman.
  12. Nobody does that as it would be illegal. Pest Foxes would need to be dealt with humanely. Moving live animals would leave Terriermen open to accusations of cruelty and baiting and can only be done under permit. It is sad that ANTIs don't realise the stupidity in what they wish for! As hunters now cannot move healthy pest animals safely to location they have to be dealt with. In the old days they could have been moved with little fuss or harm. The countryside needs to be managed and without hunting selectively removing the problem animals vermin species breed to epidemic proportions and the stupid government steeps in with Indiscriminate culs via shooting, snaring, poisons abd gassing at huge cost to the farmers and tax payers. When this was all done at zero cost or fuss for generations. The Antis should be ashamed of the unnecessary harm they cause and leave wildlife management to the hunting community.
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