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  1. I'm a jacker aswell because I don't always slip the dog and pick my runs
  2. If on a short course and a rabbit has made the hedge he won't pile in aimless but he'll monitor the hedge for a chance encounter for a short period, but if a rabbit gives him a good course it puts his blood up more and he's more likely to take risks and push through hedges. Only seen him pull up once but that was through sheer exhaustion when him and the quarry where so slow I probably could to join in, that's a worry though, with heat injury and the like. I believe confidence grows through the years and you need to give multiple chances or maybe look at alternative training as I've found I am to blame for a fair bit, and also cause and effect will play a part, for example confidence building when younger, hunting experience gained, injuries acquired that develop negative responses etc. My dog is a family dog (a good one at that) aswell as working and if I did get rid of him for a flaw it doesn't guarantee the next one will be a hunting God, and a little brain can help avoid the vets especially when this line of work is so prone to injury as it is, and maybe if the dog don't like hunting rats then hunt rabbits.
  3. For rabbits, that cross sounds decent for any land, day and night, plenty of sight hound and the other Xs are pretty quick with wind to boot, how much brain do they need and why?, could breeding and instinct not work? if that's the type of dog you want then maybe it's just a bit of enquiring on Dam and Sire For working background etc.
  4. Sounds mental but if you start barking and getting excited when someone comes to door most dogs will copy, just praise him when he does it, just beware if he does do it, will you be popular with the neighbors, if you don't want to start the trend yourself, borrow a dog that will do it for you, a lot of dogs will follow the pack.
  5. My dog is soft as sh.te and submissive to other dogs, and I wouldn't swap him, absolutely brilliant around my little one (absolute necessity) not a bad bone in his body, has his faults but great for edibles. Get him round some civilised dogs to build his confidence and avoid dickhead dogs and owners, ATB.
  6. Well I'm talking about dogs, so there .
  7. Always a concern when dog uses the single strand to push off instead of clearing, I don't need to concern myself tho, my hound will try every other option before he jumps wire . I could say because he cut himself in the past jumping it but he was always a bit of a jump Dodger, except for walls ( funny buggers dogs)
  8. Definitely something I'd consider for a future cross. feet, stamina and feet is worth considering.
  9. Lot of flint round near me and I'm not convinced, I've only seen videos of salukis running some hard terrain so I can't really comment on their feet, I only know that flint is razor sharp and has cost me money in staples and personally I wouldn't run it again knowing what I believe to be very poor concequences.
  10. Maybe missing a trick, instead of coat and feet maybe look at line breeding some lucky lurchers. Wanted proven lucky stud. Must instinctively avoid holes and machinery. I think Poxon hit the nail on the head though, you have to accept there will always be risk with working dogs no matter how much you mitigate it.
  11. I think it would be a trade off for speed for a tougher skinned dog with denser coats, but sight hounds are always going to thin the skin and unfortunately lamping doesn't lend it's self for a dog to always run smart.
  12. Question is; walk around, step over with a little hop to avoid ya danglies or crawl under with the dog looking at ya funny.
  13. Fair one, once you have avoided what you can and their off the slip a little bit of luck can go a long way.
  14. However there is something relaxing about picking through the dogs fur for thorns and the like.
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