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  1. Dog forgets about the rabbit and starts cutting shapes, big fish little fish cardboard box. Sorry couldn't help myself
  2. House trained? if it's just coming in for the night he won't understand. I'd go back to basics without the run, puppy pads and walks.
  3. Dam was bull whip grey Sire had collie grey bull deer Just does lamp
  4. In-between injuries were trying to scrape a season, so far staples on his foot and a hole in his knee which makes keeping in shape a ball ache but a couple of weeks of training and fingers crossed we will be back at it.
  5. https://stallionsheffield.co.uk/lures I have looked out of curiosity but not familiar.
  6. Tips; Be smart where you park, preferably walk, but beware injuries happen so have a plan if your a distance from vehicle eg first aid, phone a friend. Don't set patterns, change times and locations. Don't be frivolous with light when lamping. If in doubt drop. Collect game later, but beware a cache can turn into an easy ambush. Loose lips and pics sink ships. Be respectful to land to give a low profile and allowing for future endeavours (it just makes sense, if a farmer sees your lamp at night and it's damage free the next day it might keep him bed as apposed to damaged property) Get permission and stick to rabbits, there a great quarry. Failing that be legal and don't give others a bad rep.
  7. Poaching is not spoiling anything, it's how the general public perceive hunting and how the media reports, as a species were now a million miles away from interaction with how our meat hits the table. And unfortunately these people can have a dramatic effect on our way of life without any understanding of the lifestyle. And it seems it's really easy for us to point the finger at each other and miss the big picture.
  8. If he finds this barbaric, he must get PTSD from Asda in the meat aisle.
  9. Why are farmers and rural communities putting us out of action, they will be in the same boat when the anti meat communities start taxing and clamping down on livestock, they need to pull their heads out their ass
  10. As above tug of war, but if the pup doesn't hold onto dummy with a good grip don't let it have it, take it for another course and pull out of mouth if the grip is rubbish and tug of war on a good grip with some encouragement. I probably done this to much with my hound because; Down side; My hound has a great ball retrieve (shit with rabbits) but the buggar grips in tight when I try to take it out his mouth usually have to say release a couple of times (not aggressive, just wants to play with it) Rabbits get a death grip. Upside; Good strike.
  11. Mine sniffs up hard thru his nose like it's blocked now and again after a heavy run, usually just lasts a day or two, no clue what it is
  12. It should be banned. Unless its on a high fence to dissuade intruders I can't see the benefit, it only seems to work on dogs and the arse of my trousers. And a cost me a few Bob on vet bills the other year for staples, painkillers and antibiotics.
  13. Perspective; Pets4homes - breed - mixed 350 for a lurcher don't seem so bad after looking at this madness.
  14. Anything without; Dog walkers/public, double fences, agricultural obstacles, flint (hating flint in Wiltshire), brambles and barbed wire. Add game and I think that's a step in the right direction.
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