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  1. In all fairness " a bit" of brains would be enough. Or would you call it breeding and instinct. I have whippets and they can be like headless chickens at times. Rabbits are being lost due to stupidity. I really need something more than that.
  2. I would have loved a pup from her, but I had to have her spayed. For the month before, during and after her season, which came twice a year.... So that's 6 months of the year she would be enraged with hormones. 100% fine with people, but any dog, whether it was my others or anybody else's, she would think nothing of tearing them apart just because they might of looked at her funny. So had her spayed and she's a different dog. Funny what hormones can do.
  3. I could, but where are they? I never see them advertised or word of mouth. Are there any genuine litters of this cross nowadays? I keep reading that bedlingtons aren't what they used to be so even if I did find a genuine bred litter, would they be the real deal?
  4. It takes a fast dog to catch the rabbits here, they don't half run and the fields are big. If the dogs more of a plodder, using only brains to catch, then it won't be catching much. I need speed and brains
  5. My retired bitch is whippet x beddy greyhound. She's been a fantastic dog for me, if I could have another like her I would without thinking about it. I bought her from an advert in the countrymans weekly, best £150 I've ever spent. It's a shame litters like this aren't bred anymore.
  6. I've just been given the full breeding, It works out that the pups would be..... On paper of course..... 1/2 greyhound 1/4 Kelpie 1/8 collie 1/8 Whippet
  7. I have come across a planned litter of.... Collie kelpie greyhound x collie whippet greyhound Sire 24", Dam 23" Im wanting another lurcher, mostly for ferreting and occasional lamping. Working over rough hill ground and also large grass fields. Has anyone had this cross? I'm just wondering what they may be like for my use? Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated
  8. How's your dog got on for you over the years? So he's 1/4 Mali?
  9. That's a shame. Would you try another?
  10. I've been reading past topics on Malinois x's. There was a few that owned them and a few that had litters planned. I was just wondering how anyone was getting on with them now, reviews good or bad. I'm quite tempted on a 1/4 Mali, 3/4 whippet Or 1/4 Mali, 1/4 grey, 1/2 whippet
  11. Thanks for that. This is pretty much what i had in mind but wasn't too sure if it was the way to go. Cheers
  12. Thanks. I lost the line completely and have only found a son to the line so i would be using him to a good jill i have which is not from the line. My thinking was if it kept going back to the original hob, then it may get the line back but its maybe a too bigger task to try. I just seem to get more bad ferrets than good these days.
  13. Does anybody know anything about line breeding ferrets ? I had a line of ferrets which i lost a few years ago. The best ferrets i have ever had and im keen to try and get the line back. I have tracked down a direct son of my hob. So what i intend to do is put him to my current best jill this year. Where do i go from there ? Keep a hob and jill from the litter then have a litter from them, then take a jill from that litter and put her back to the first hob her grandad?
  14. This is mine, her dam was beddy x grey and sire was a whippet. She is 23.5 " Very intelligent and tenacious. In her second season now and has learned her job very well. If i was to have another lurcher, this is what id be going for.
  15. La Bresse Gauloise is what id go for. The are considered the best tasting and best textured chicken there is with the added bonus of up to 250 eggs per year. They are the ultimate dual purpose breed. I had some until a rat got in the garage and killed them all when they were chicks. I will be starting again in the spring.
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