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  1. courser

    Minox ZA5 3-15x42

    Minox ZA5 3-15x42 View Advert I have for sale a Minox ZA 5 3-15 x 42 rifle scope in mint condition boxed with papers. £425.00 Reply or PM if interested Advertiser courser Date 18/11/18 Price £425.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  2. courser

    Minox ZA5 3-15x42

    Time Left: 11 days and 9 hours

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    I have for sale a Minox ZA 5 3-15 x 42 rifle scope in mint condition boxed with papers. £425.00 Reply or PM if interested


  3. As above, A top of the range drop-in Timney trigger kit for a Ruger 10/22 rifle. made from aircraft grade billet aluminum with extended magazine release that can be operated with one finger and auto bolt release. The trigger is set at 2 3/4 pounds with no creep. Makes a good rifle into a great rifle. Unwanted present received when I had already sold my 10/22 to fund the purchase of a Sako Finnfire p94s. As new still with packaging. New price £250.00 (1967spud) will sell for £160.00, a saving of £90.00 PM me or phone 07484333301
  4. Thanks Flynn, Desert bred, Trenchfoot and Peterhunter, etc. When you have an old car, and first the clutch goes, then the handbrake cable needs renewing, it's not starting when it's cold and you doubt that it will pass it's MOT, you know it is time to take it to the scrap yard and get something newer. Well that is sort of where I am at,, the scrapyard beckons. But it will not be for a while yet. A push start will still get me going!. I just hope that many of the new generation of working dog owners will have as just long a coursing career as I have had (I had my first Lurcher in 1961) and will meet as many great coursing men/women and dogs as I have. Having said that you must ALL fight for your sport. you must follow the example of Flynn and members of the AWL. Through the AWL you all have a voice on the Council of Hunting Associations, which leads the way in the fight,(WHICH IS NOT YET LOST) if we are not in the loop we will be discounted. Keep up the fight Besr regards Alan.
  6. courser

    10/22 Mags

    I have two ten shot magazines for a Ruger 10/22 rifle for sale in good order. £29.00 for the pair. Alan 0161 764 0958 Bury Lancs..
  7. I have for sale as above. A .223 contender single shot rifle. This rifle is almost as new, no marks, A very accurate, light weight Foxing/target rifle. This rifle is a break action single shot rifle that will take any caliber barrel made by Thompson center rifles, Imported by Viking Arms. It will take any caliber barrel from .22 rim fire to .50 caliber center fire, it will also take a 20 bore shotgun barrel. All just drop into the action. On the external hammer there is a switch, Left for rim fire, right for center fire. It has recently been screw cut and re-crowned and has a weaver/ picatinny rail for scope.A very expensive rifle and very hard to get hold of in this country. I also have a full set of reloading dies, a 100 hundred bag of new .223 brass and 200 approx of once fired brass. For sale at a good price to the buyer of the rifle. Rifle £420.00 Reloading gear, first refusal to rifle buyer, but will sell separately PM or Alan Tel: 0161 764 0958. Pictures available but it keeps coming up "too big to upload" If interested, pm with web address and I will send them.
  8. courser

    Walshies Hornet?

    I had to wait for nearly a year to get mine. When first ordered I was told two months, after two months I was told another two months, after that I was told that they (Edger Bros) could not give a date. On repeated enquiries I was told that CZ would/could not supply until they had a order of 100 units!!. Edger Bros had placed an order of, I think 9 units but they did not know if this order was the first of the 100 needed or that they had nearly made it to the 100. So, it could be a few more weeks or another 6 months. I too was offered a Ruger, but I wanted a CZ. I then saw one on Guntrader brand new from a gunsmiths down south at £100.00 over list price. I bought it. It went against the grain to pay over the odds, but "Needs must, when the devil drives" Moral being: keep trying and do not accept anything other than what you want. The CZ .22 Hornet ? Best rifle i have ever owned.
  9. courser

    22 Hornet

    Superb Rifle!! sod the price, if you can afford it, buy it. Like wise, if you see a second hand one in good order,buy it. Load your own bullets and be a happy man.
  10. courser

    Clay Trap

    For sale a GDK 3/4 self-cock pro, Single arm trap.Throws singles,Stacked doubled Bolting rabbit ETC. Brand new,still in box, un-assembled. Cost £165.00 will accept £95.00 See GDK Advert 4 self cock pro Seated single arm clay trap, manual clay pigeon thrower,.html
  11. courser

    The One Show!

    Thanks Skycat. Yes, it is on it's way to the BBC and also to the "Countryman's Weekly". Skycat, come and join us.
  12. courser

    T/c Contender .223 For Sale.

    I have tried posting photos and it says file to big. Anybody interested, PM me for photos. courser
  13. I have a Thonpson Center .223 single shot Contender rifle for sale. This light weight rifle is very accurate and in superb condition, This contender rifle can accept any calibre barrel made by Thomson Center. fon .22rf to .50 calibre (imported by Viking Arms) it will also accept a 20 gauge shotgun barrel. A flick of a switch on the external hammer changes it from center fire to rim fire. A superb foxing rifle which can be changed from deer legal to rim fire and back to .223 in seconds. £450.00 F-F A full set of .223 dies with new and once used bras is also for sale £50.00
  14. I have just bought a Sako Finnfire P94s varmint in almost mint condition. I know that it was kept in a gun safe for ten years due to the previous owner being unwell, hence the mint condition. I have two questions: 1/ When did Sako cease Making the Finnfire P94s and how do you establish how old the rifle is? 2/ In the past I have shortened the Barrel of my CZ 542 with no effect on how accurate it was. Can I do the same with a Finnfire, with it being a heavy barrel? I love the rifle and if it is best not to touch I will leave it well alone. It is shooting 1/4-1/2 inch groups at fifty metres with Eley Club and I don't want to mess with it if I can cause any problems. Advice please.
  15. courser

    New Lurcher Association On Facebook ,

    In reply to king, 1/ Setting up a website and a facebook page enables the AWL to keep members informed regarding the current situation of the repeal of the hunting ban, it also helps members keep up to date with the situation regarding the AWL, it is of interest to members and non members with articles, photos, information regarding Lurcher/Longdog breeding etc, it contains stories provided by members. To say that one website is pointless is to say all websites are pointless. If you are a loner, then I respect that, just as you will no doubt respect the fact that many people enjoy reading Lurcher work articles etc. The Hunting Life is a web site, a great web site, are you saying that it is pointless? It too has to have a income to survive. We do not advertise. our income comes from membership. Many people do not wish to poach or go on land without the permission of the land owner, ( I am not saying that you do) they wish to work their dog in a legal manner. To help these people, both by advice and by helping to repeal the hunting ban and at the same time to entertain them and allowing them to have say, this is the reason for the AWL. 2/ What do I hope to achieve? All of the above. 3/ Do I honestly expect folk to use their real names? No I don't! there is a very good reason for user names as you so rightly say. I use one myself. The reason I use my own name (in this instance) is because I stand by what I say and put my name to it, On many other web sites i use my user name. As regards your remark regarding dodgy folk, I agree with what you say. I am in the position of only having one dog, which, like me, has seen better days. It is just happy to sleep in front of the fire. 4/ Yes people should do just what they want and the success of the start of the AWL proves that many people will do just that and join the AWL Regards Alan.