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  1. tandors


    2 seats in hull were held by labour by the skin of their teeth. If brexit party didn't stand candidates Tories would have walked them.
  2. How very rude, hull is nice lol.
  3. tandors

    The Election

    We've got one of the best health services in the world? We are massively oversubscribed, struggle to even get an appointment at gp round here.
  4. That series 8 tripe was awful.
  5. tandors

    walking boots

    I think brasher and berghaus are the same company now. I preffered my berghaus over altberg personally.
  6. To be fair I've seen something just passed wawne and something near brandesburton. Wouldn't say 100% big cats as was dusk for 1 and it ran into darkness about 100m away and was driving for the other only a glimpse but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of them being out there.
  7. Cheers for that tomo, enjoyed that.
  8. One that doesn't read or take notice of English street signs no doubt.
  9. Theres a bloke called George farmer on YouTube who does it all looks quality, but then you end up buying co2 bottles and all sorts.
  10. Look into aquascaping it mate, looks miles better planted up than with fake stuff in my opinion
  11. tandors


    Such a shame when all the buildings getting thrown up are ugly metal and glass things.
  12. You written that on here before mate? I'm sure I've heard that story before.
  13. Didn't the British government buy the land for the memorial to be built on? Sure I heard that on radio today. I also believe that the commonwealth cemeteries are funded and maintained predominantly by our government and to a lesser extent other commonwealth countries including Canada and Australia. Could be wrong though.
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