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  1. Looks great mate, polperro?
  2. Yeah Holbeck decent fishing I just lure fish and fished Holbeck off the rock armour over high and round cornelian see plenty trout jumping. Might have a venture further north some point over the summer
  3. I've never fished north of Holbeck, spent a lot of time on Google maps though lol, scouted about online at cloughton and hayburn, both look good ground just a bit further for me to travel when I know closer marks that definitely hold fish.
  4. That up Scarborough way? You had many bass out this year? Or sea trout?
  5. I just fish for them in the open coast Yorkshire mate, loads of Danish vids on YouTube it's popular over there, not many people target them here by looks of it.
  6. Went back mate, there's tons of them constantly jumping out when bass fishing, some real big ones too, but hook up to land ratio isn't great.
  7. If struggling on plugs try savage gear seeker.
  8. Basset Fauvre de Bretagne I think
  9. Are kids on the beach aswell?
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