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  1. tandors


    I was under the impression that more people want to become nurses and doctors than there are places for them at university, resulting in uk recruiting them from overseas. Also how many NHS foreign doctors and nurses have gone home to help places like italy, Ireland, spain etc, compounding our NHS shortages?
  2. I've read a high proportion of deaths is what they call harvesting, as in the virus harvests deaths that would soon die regardless. Obviously there are always outliers, with younger healthier people kicking bucket though.
  3. tandors

    Not corona

    Dont worry, urban sprawl and rapid increase in uk population will continue soon enough.
  4. Could be a decade of protectionism
  5. Yeah I agree, like I said an antibody injection isnt as contentious as a vaccine and could potentially be rolled out sooner rather than later
  6. I think using antibodies is quite different to a vaccine in the sense that vaccines are supposedly preventative. In the meantime I'll be hammering vitamin c and d, eating a keto diet, avoiding seed oils and fish oils cos that's what is peer reviewed prevention for viral infections according to reddit lol.
  7. tandors


    I've been reading that an anti malarial drug chloroquine has been used effectively in numerous countries, not sure if it's being or going to be used here but sounds promising.
  8. tandors


    Italian infection is likely to be in the hundreds of thousands, just lack of testing is skewing numbers.
  9. tandors


    Surely it's a time now for philanthropy, all these millionaire celebs, actors etc have the chance to put their money into a fund that could actually do some good and help people out who are suffering job losses.
  10. tandors


    Apparently vitamin d is a big thing to suppress it as well.
  11. tandors


    Italys deaths are high probably because the virus is widespread throughout the country, as it probably is in uk. Lots of people I know have said since around Christmas they have had a bad flu, I've had very mild symptoms after meeting and shaking hands with my next door neighbour who is an english teacher in wuhan and came back 6 days before wuhan was locked down so who knows, especially with very limited testing.
  12. tandors


    Jesus lol. There are times to harden your heart. This really isnt one of them. There will be plenty of essentials to go round. I'm in no way charitable in normal times but I'd gladly do my bit to help vulnerable people and offer my services if required. Even if it's just delivering food packages or whatever. The people who stoop to looting other struggling families or vulnerable members of society, along with the sorts of people who bulk buy nappies and sell them at inflated prices should have serious repercussions.
  13. tandors


    To be honest if I had a load of food hoarded and a desperate family with kids came begging theres no way I could not give them some. Obviously it's different story if it's a mob of asians or whatever but I cant honestly see it getting any where near civil unrest.
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