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  1. I think a lot of people are not exactly pro trump/right wing etc, but they are anti status quo woke beurocrats etc. A lot of people sniping at trump must just be being contrary for the sake of it. The left wing continues to eat itself, with left wing liberals of previous years being seen as right wing fascists by the liberals of today and so the centre ground now, at least socially is pretty much left wing and there is no safe space left for normal socially conservative people whether rich or poor to turn. That's why trump gets voted it, Brexit happens and the Tories hoover up previously labour seats in the north IMO.
  2. I cancelled my sky subscription over it all. Miss football but can just watch highlights on YouTube or whatever
  3. tandors


    Hornsea isn't too bad, withernsea not so much.
  4. tandors


    We booked million for back end of august last october, fingers crossed it's not mega busy but it is what it is. Hoping there is a few bass around.
  5. I'm thinking of going down the pellet route, I've had a bit of success with corn over pigeon conditioner. Had one out on meat but get plagued by eels. Dont think theres loads of fish in there and I'd be shocked if a double came out but I'm sure they are in there. I'm chasing yorkshire bass with lures for next few weeks then be back after the local barbel.
  6. Some quality fishing there DC, what you been using as a hookbait?
  7. Not very big but good fun on small lures on tiny river in Lincolnshire.
  8. Not the best view lol, waiting for the tide to turn then have a few hours after barbel
  9. tandors

    Sex pistols

    Seems like a thread a person with racist thoughts would post to show everyone he definitely isnt racist. Akin to the old "I'm not racist I had a black friend at school"
  10. Good spot for wrasse, struggling on the bass though.
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