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  1. tandors

    British D-Day Memorial

    You written that on here before mate? I'm sure I've heard that story before.
  2. tandors

    British D-Day Memorial

    Didn't the British government buy the land for the memorial to be built on? Sure I heard that on radio today. I also believe that the commonwealth cemeteries are funded and maintained predominantly by our government and to a lesser extent other commonwealth countries including Canada and Australia. Could be wrong though.
  3. tandors

    royal baby

    We've gone from lark ascending to drill music and cucking hard over apparently massive black shalongs within a lifetime. “When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable buildup, as fascist, Nazi or anti-Semitic, & use the prestige of antifascist & tolerance organizations to discredit them." -Communist Party Directive 1943
  4. tandors

    royal baby

    Keep writing it max I'm sure you'll even convince yourself someday lol.
  5. tandors

    royal baby

    Yeah you're right there are some weirdos on this site...
  6. tandors

    Whippet cross Deerhound

    I believe the new thinking is that Britain wasn't closed canopy forest but more woodland pasture/scrub as huge herds of herbivores moved through the landscape so I'm sure a sighthound would have been very useful.
  7. tandors

    10 Churches attacked in a week

    Rumoured to be due to renovation works...
  8. tandors


    Blame Marxism and globalism.
  9. tandors


    Yeah but what defines a good one? Do they go to university or have qualifications? Is it a branch of physiotherapy?
  10. tandors


    Do chiropractors actually work? I've read that it was dreamt up in the 1800s and is seen by the medical profession as quackery and does more harm than good?
  11. tandors


    Blaming the British empire is pretty ridiculous, people have been conquered for power and resources since time began, only this time we have been conquered from the inside, I can't think of anytime in history where the rulers have actively gone out to wipe out their own people and a lot of the people are cheering it on with their white saviour complex. Didn't the irish, Welsh, Norse and Scottish all join together to wipe out the English 1000 years or so ago and can I blame that for the state of the country now?
  12. tandors


    Come on mate this mongrel nation talk has been debunked plenty of times. Various Northern European tribes coming into Britain over last few thousand years that's about it.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1109604/brexit-news-police-10-000-riot-cops-officers-no-deal-hate-crime/amp
  14. Said on radio today they are nationwide ready to surge any part of country, never mentioned the Irish border.
  15. Haven't British police put 10000 officers on standby to deal with any public disorder due to Brexit?