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  1. Does he still get in the Quarryman ?
  2. mango

    classic cars

    Gnash,was a genuine rs2000 custom
  3. mango

    classic cars

    Sold this January 2014 for I think 4,500, watching bangers and cash last night they sold one that was hit about and quite a big project for 26,500.bloody crazy money really.
  4. mango

    classic cars

    Yes dan, had a bit of a mid life crisis,thought it would be a poor mans escort but never could get it to handle like the escorts,plenty of grunt though
  5. mango

    classic cars

    One for the younger lads,genuine rs turbo with a twist.bought it in 2009,30yrs after the escort I put a photo of
  6. mango

    classic cars

    Wish I still had this one,1300 all steel short stroker would Rev to 10,000. Taken in 1979 I think in mid wales
  7. Yes mate the pup Plummer had was a dog.
  8. That name seems to ring a bell. they suited me mate and were decent enough certainly not hare dogs but for what I wanted they were good enough.
  9. Merle bitch is Merle x Fathom other photo is a dog out of her by a dog called Duke and is a litter brother to Glen, there were three dogs in the litter, Plummer had the other one and if memory serves me it looked similar to the collie marked one on the other post.
  10. A drawing my daughter is working on at the moment,they are north Cornwall hounds.She will probably get some prints done when it is finished
  11. It is dilly, listen I owe you an apology as well as you sent me a pm about christ knows how long ago that I never replied to.
  12. Couple of old photos that were hiding on the computer.
  13. This dog was a gift off plummer,he was pagan x vampire,so a quarter patterdale Nigel hinchcliffes stuff was used as an outcross.
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