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  1. mango


    I use an ipad and after a while it seems to sign me out automatically. Used to be that you couldn’t look at photos without being signed but not any more.
  2. mango


    I am a member but am one of the ones who doesn’t really contribute,so unless I want to post I don’t bother signing in
  3. mango


    Is this one of the pups out of your mates bitch,by your dog?
  4. mango

    3 Legged Worker

    GM’s bitch Dilly ?
  5. mango

    Deal breaker?

    If the mother of your ns pups was bronwyn then yes I bred her.
  6. mango

    Deal breaker?

    This isn’t a big deal but the parents to your ns pups weren’t both gifted off ns the dam he had off me, she was out of a litter of seven bitches.
  7. mango


    Found this photo of a pup I kept back from the last litter of terriers I bred his name was “Tex”. Personal circumstances meant I had to let him go but went to a good working home and by all accounts turned out a decent dog. He was by Samson of jp’s out of my bitch who was an auntie of Samson.
  8. mango

    Box headed terriers

    He had two terriers that fit your description a black bitch called thistle, pedigree unknown but a hard bitch who was stolen one Saturday and a chocolate dog called rusty who was actually a smart dog once he’d been to the poodle parlour,Rusty belonged to peter phelan any other blacks and chocolates at that time were ns stuff.
  9. mango


    My first chocolate terrier, a bitch named peg.
  10. mango


    Jon, ask anybody thats ever crossed Bull into a line of terrier of any sort and they'll tell you it takes generations of breeding to get back to a size for fox, most in the past that did this were historically breeding for increased size of head and conformation in order to work badger (pre-ban) or in the countries were heavy work is still legal, this was not Plummers intention, it was merely a case of attempting to rectify the massive differences occurring in size between dogs and bitches, there were also lots of litters being whelped without any bitches, his theory was that inbreeding or line breeding and over use of the same stud dogs had lead to this, the size of the "New blood" progeny did come down with each generation, I personally felt that a nice tight coated red Patt or Lakey would of achieved the goal a lot sooner and without the cruel culling that Tim and Sue found necessary, I always remember Plummer being asked "what was the best Terrier you ever bred and worked" and his answer surprised many thinking it would be "OMEGA" or some other famous terrier and yet he said "PAGAN", a first cross being Plummer/patt, food for thought and I was breeding this cross for 20yrs just for fox, WM The photo on page three is a son of pagan with his daughter
  11. mango


    IMG_0124.JPGHalf brother and sister both by the same sire, tri colour bitch is Plummer stuff and the brindle dog was out of a lemon and white Russell that belonged to a farmer we knew. Nice old pic mateThanks, seem to spend a lot of time on memory lane nowadays, This is the sire on the left with the litter sister to the tri coloured bitch.
  12. mango


    Half brother and sister both by the same sire, tri colour bitch is Plummer stuff and the brindle dog was out of a lemon and white Russell that belonged to a farmer we knew.
  13. mango

    Digging Dogs. Figure/ornaments

    Border fine arts 1983.
  14. mango

    Anyone Know

    I just had a quick look on the I.K.C. site to see if I could find anything about the Ard Na Greine prefix but there's nothing.Isn't there a country estate in Cork of that name. Maybe they had terriers ? Either ways, if I had that I'd use it to advertise the next litter and sell them to the yanks for thousands. Just googled it comes up as a Kerry blue dog born in 1982, if it's correct of course