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  1. mango


    Just kicked my daughter out to go and stay at her boyfriends for a while,she’s a prison officer and tomorrow they have a visiting day with about a hundred visitors expected and they are probably from all over the place,asked her what precautions they were taking like a basic temperature check but nothing,shut the pubs and restaurants etc but allow a gathering like that because it’s mother’s day.f***ing unbelievable
  2. Spot on date wise Glyn, the dog in the photo I had in 1980 or 81, he was a quarter patterdale but Nigel Hinchcliffe’s stuff not nuttall.He was bred by Plummer and given to me direct off him.
  3. mango

    Ouija boards.

    We used to use a home made one on the kitchen table when we were kids,have a couple of candles lit for the atmosphere.playing it one night and asked the big question if there is a spirit there give us proof,as soon as we said it our grey Persian cat jumped onto the kitchen window,looked in with big yellow eyes reflecting in the candlelight.f**k me we bolted out the front door all six of us s**t ourselves and if I remember never played it again
  4. Yes it is mate and the nursing home opposite the church where he is buried.
  5. A rorke’s drift vc winner is buried about a mile down the road from me,won it as private John Williams but his actual name was John Fielding, he was defending the hospital with James Hook. Came home and went back to work in the nut and bolt factory,a quiet and modest man by all accounts
  6. Thanks mate, she wasn’t Hancock bred either.
  7. Early eighties I think, she turned out to be a really good bitch and did everything asked of her.
  8. A drawing my daughter knocked up last night in a couple of hours.
  9. mango


    I use an ipad and after a while it seems to sign me out automatically. Used to be that you couldn’t look at photos without being signed but not any more.
  10. mango


    I am a member but am one of the ones who doesn’t really contribute,so unless I want to post I don’t bother signing in
  11. Is this one of the pups out of your mates bitch,by your dog?
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